Diabetes, Hypertension, and the Food You Eat

Becoming a diabetic means you have become desensitized to insulin or, in other words, your cells have become insulin resistant.

Our number one goal is insulin control and with our 3 diet levels, you eliminate processed sugars and grains. These two food groups are responsible for spiking your blood glucose levels themost. Therefore the Challenge diet guidelines are great for diabetics. Many of whom will decrease or get off all medications related to diabetes.

This form of diet focus in general fights diabetes by addressing the true issue at hand. Rather than adding more carbs as fuel for the fire of insulin resistance, it is a more fat/protein dominated energy diet. A paleo diet based on fat and protein instead of carbohydrates doesn't trigger the huge glucose spikes that lead to insulin resistance.

If you are a diabetic, all the diet dialing in the world won't do much good if you don't have an idea of how different foods affect your blood sugar levels. Invest in a glucometer if you don't already have one and monitor your glucose levels during the challenge to help you dial in your nutrition.

About the Author

Jeremy Mullins MS, RD

Currently living in Huntington WV with his fiancée Katie, son Brady, and bulldog named Meatball. Jeremy has over 16 years of experience specializing in weight loss and has become one of the most trusted names in the nutrition community. Jeremy is a Registered Dietician. He graduated from Marshall University with a Master's degree in Clinical Nutrition and went on to teach at Marshall University before "retiring" to run his private weight loss business and manage his two CrossFit affiliates (CrossFit Thunder and CrossFit FF). Mullins has consulted with hospitals, the Army National Gaurd, insurance companies, multiple CrossFit affiliates yearly, and maintains a private practice.

  • 2002 Mid-Atlantic Xterra Triathlon Age group Champion
  • 2003 Ironman Wisconsin Finisher
  • 2004 HFP Triathlon Clydesdale Champion
  • Current lifts: Press 250; Deadlift 550; Front Squat 405

Jeremy is also a proud member of the Lurong Living Family and part of the Lurong Living Challenge Nutrition Coaching Team since 2013. Be sure to check out Jeremy's Nutritional Forum during the Challenge to get advice and tips along your journey.

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