Patrick Lapeter
NorthEast CrossFit
Region: Northeast
Division: Open
Gender: Male
Points Breakdown
Category Points
Bonus 190
Improvement 560
Performance 643
Total 1393
Category Reason Points
Bonus Champion Retest Completion 40
Bonus Champion Test Completion 40
Bonus The 50s Chipper Completion 30
Bonus The Olympian Completion 40
Bonus The Olympian Retest Completion 40
Category Reason Points
Improvement Champion Test Improvement 170
Improvement Measurement Improvement 170
Improvement The Olympian Improvement 220
Category Reason Points
Performance Champion Retest 123
Performance Champion Test 123
Performance The 50s Chipper 119
Performance The Olympian 137
Performance The Olympian Retest 141
Workout Level Result Status
Champion Test 2 266 reps Verified
The Olympian 2 85 reps Verified
The 50s Chipper 2 00:11:28 Verified
Champion Retest 2 303 reps Verified
The Olympian Retest 2 93 reps Verified
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