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Shopping Healthy- Championship Style
September 12 2015 | In Food & Nutrition
Getting ready for some grocery shopping? Are you a little intimidated? Fear is frequently driven by the unknown. So here are some great tips to getting started. Here is to a brand new experience at the grocery store. Read More »
Nutrition-U: 4 Diet Change Pitfalls
September 8 2015 | In Food & Nutrition
Today we explore the most common mistakes people make when starting new "diets". Once brought into the light, these pitfalls lose their element of surprise and puts you back in the driver seat. This article is part of our "Nutrition-U" series which is exclusively available for challenge participants. Read More »
Why Should I Take Lurong Living Essential during the Challenge
September 5 2015 | In Food & Nutrition
An Orthopedic Surgeon's Perspective on Why Lurong Living Essential is a must to add to your daily nutritional regimen. Article by Dr. Patrick Kwok MD Read More »
Nutrition-U: Hyperinsulinemia and Controlling Your Blood Sugar
August 31 2015 | In Food & Nutrition
Contrary to the title this article is not an over technical analysis of biochemistry. The concept of controlling blood sugar is at the core of understanding how food affects your body. Knowing how different foods affect the insulin response in your body is foundational is key to long-term success with your health, weight, and fitness. Read More »
Roadmap Vs a Tightwire
August 24 2015 | In Food & Nutrition
When making changes to your diet it is important to follow a nutritional program that is built to set you up for success. While there are many opinions out there, the Lurong Living Challenge series balances freedom, choices, and restrictions like no other program is able. Learn why we developed the Challenge like a road map as opposed to the tightwire. Read More »
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