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Let’s face it, challenges are . . . well, challenging.  Over the years we have noted some common challenge pitfalls.  If you find yourself falling into one (or more) of these four pitfalls, then it is time to change your mindset and your habits.

  1. Don’t expect results too quickly. For some, results will come quick.  For others, it will take time.  Don’t get discouraged, though.  That is just how human bodies work.  Not everyone will experience the same results at the same rate.  Stick with it.  By the end of the challenge you will be glad you did.

  2. Hide that scale!  We recommend jumping on that scale two times during the challenge – at the beginning and the end.  Our goal for you is to get healthier, get fit and live a better lifestyle.  Focusing on a number on a scale every single day is going to drive you crazy, as weight changes day to day, meal to meal, bowel movement to bowel movement : ). Judging yourself by weight alone is also misguided, as you are building muscle, which weighs more than fat.  Stay the course, eat healthy balanced meals and treat the challenge as a marathon, not a daily sprint. 

  3. Don’t burn out on the same four foods. Every year we see people pick three or four favorite foods and rotate them throughout the challenge. This normally ends in burnout, as you are sick of those foods in no time.  Have a goal of eating a wide variety of nutrient dense foods.  Use this challenge to experience new foods.  There is a cornucopia of good tasting healthy foods out there, so be creative and try new things.  When people say a strict diet is too restrictive, it is likely because they don’t branch out.  The average American eats tons of processed foods that contain all the same basic ingredients: enriched flour, whole wheat flour, sugar, corn, more sugar, and artificial ingredients.  Incorporating a health, whole-foods diet into your lifestyle should generate much more diversity. Make sure to take advantage of the 30 day meal plan, recipe database, and the forum, and you won't soon be out of delicious inspiration.

  4. Forgetting to eat a balanced meal. A balanced meal is important.  Too much of any of the three main groups – proteins, carbohydrates, fats – will lead to decreased performance in the challenge.  We recommend incorporating a protein, carbohydrate, and healthy fat into each meal and snack.  The protein will help build and repair muscle.  The carb will provide energy and repair glycogen stores.  The fact will provide heart health, decrease inflammation, help you get full, and allow you to maintain energy levels.  Don’t be afraid of healthy fats, such as avocado, grass-fed butter, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds (in moderation), egg yolks, fatty fish like salmon and sardines, grass-fed animal fat, etc.  The macronutrient fat is not what is causing people to become fat.  That culprit is sugar.

During the Challenge you will have access to fresh content and our Nutrition-U Series which has been tried and tested over past 3 years. We believe education is key to your long-term success, and it all starts with our exclusive series.


About the Author:Jeremy Mullins is an author, nutritionist, and nationwide nutrition speaker with over 12 years of experience specializing in weight loss and teaching others how to eat well. Check out his eBook “Plan Ahead Paleo: An Easy 30-Day Meal Plan for Eating Well” at or 

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By Challenge Team | Tue, Sep 8, 2015 05:30AM | Food & Nutrition

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How do I access the meal plan for the challenge so that I can begin shopping now?

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