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Close your eyes and name two of the biggest health issues in America today....  

If you guessed diabetes and obesity, your mind is in the right place.  Today's biggest components to our health epidemic are tied directly to hyperinsulinemia

In layman terms, hyperinsulinemia is high insulin levels in the blood, which is often the result of consuming too many carbohydrates in your diet.  With the average American diet consisting of processed carbohydrates, the problem is being exacerbated.   When insulin levels are high, blood sugars are stored in the body.  This leads to weight gain and health problems.   By controlling carbohydrate intake, you also control your blood sugars and insulin response, which in turn leads to healthier weights.

Ever since the low fat diet was introduced in America, carbohydrate intake has increased, and so has . . . you guessed it, diabetes and obesity.  Have you ever wondered why certain low calorie diets do not result in weight loss?  It is because people are consuming too many carbohydrates.  Do not take this to mean we are recommending a no carbohydrate diet, however.  Carbs are necessary . . . in moderation.  Instead, we suggest moderate carb intake, with more calories coming from healthy fats such as lean meat/grass-fed meats, eggs, avocados (in moderation), coconut oil (in moderation), olive oil (in moderation), nuts (in moderation), and nut butters (in moderation).

We believe the best way for you to have long term success with your health, weight, and fitness goals, it to truly understand what food is doing to and for your body. This may be a completely foreign concept to you, and that is ok. The science and our Challenge data results prove that it works, so I invite you to change your mindset starting now. 

How will the Challenge Help Me?

Going through a period of detoxification or cleansing from potentially troublesome foods is the perfect place to start. Once you have removed these foods it will establish a new baseline of comparison for your body. The Challenge is a powerful tool to help keep you focused and on track.

About the Author:Jeremy Mullins is an author, health food store owner, CrossFit affiliate owner, nutritionist, and nationwide nutrition speaker with over 12 years of experience specializing in weight loss and teaching others how to eat well. Check out his web site www.almost-paleo.comor his Facebook Page for future meal plans. 

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By Challenge Team | Mon, Aug 31, 2015 05:00AM | Food & Nutrition

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