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Pushing Past Fads and Finding Your Why
August 19 2015 | In Food & Nutrition
Understanding why you are doing something is just as important and understanding what you are doing. Fad diets focus on the "what". Lifestyles are built on the foundation of understanding "why". Why do you want to change? Why does this new way of eating work, and how can I live like this? Your why starts here. This article is part of our Nutrition-U series which you have access when registered. Read More »
Organic: Which Fruits and Vegetables Matter Most for a Champion?
August 12 2015 | In Food & Nutrition
Choosing organic is gradually becoming more and more popular because people are seeking out the healthiest options for themselves and their families. Still, what does organic mean and how do you know which fruits and vegetables are the “cleanest” and “dirtiest”? Find out here. Read More »
Gluten - What's All the Fuss?
August 7 2015 | In Food & Nutrition
A mixture of proteins, gluten is Latin for “glue” because it produces that chewy texture in breads and pastas. Gluten can cause a full spectrum off problems beyond the serious cases of gluten allergies or intolerances like Celiac Disease. From appetite stimulation to chemical interactions and changing your mood, you will never look at gluten the same again. Read More »
Food Allergy vs Food Sensitivity vs Food Intolerance
August 3 2015 | In Food & Nutrition
Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between a food allergy and a food sensitivity? Learn the differences and what you can do to protect yourself. Read More »
Nutritional Philosophy of 3 Diet Levels
July 31 2015 | In Food & Nutrition
The Lurong Living Championship Challenge features 3 diet levels. No matter what your experience level or current dietary state, you will be appropriately challenged. Take a moment to better understand how these diet levels work and how they will help you achieve your goals. Understanding the WHY behind your dietary changes is the best way to ensure you experience lasting results. Read More »
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