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Why Should I Continue Taking Lurong Living Essential After the Challenge?
November 3 2015 | In Living Healthy
Thousands of you started taking Lurong Living Essential during our Challenges. But did you know that it provides nutrients that will significantly improve your health and fitness all year round. And if you are someone who hasn't yet tried it, we encourage you to learn why it will be your new best friend. Read More »
7 Tips to Improve Mental Toughness for Challenge Competitors
October 22 2015 | In Living Healthy
Back by popular demand we are re-posting this article. This Challenge, as you may have started to experience, is designed to push you and stretch you beyond your comfort zone. It is all part of the process of creating real and sustainable transformation. With so much emphasis on performance and diet, we may be tempted to forget about our number one resource. Your mind. This is one of our favorite summaries by former Navy Seal Brad McLeod. Read More »
Recognizing Every BOX's Backbone: Owners and Coaches
September 26 2015 | In Living Healthy
HumanX by Harbinger is proud to solute the thousands of owners and coaches who make the CrossFit community so special. Want to give your owner or coach a shout out? Make sure to share this article and tag him/her. We are grateful to have the support of so many coaches, owners and sponsors like HumanX all working together to change lives. Read More »
Caffeine, Stress & How to Cope
September 7 2015 | In Living Healthy
There is a silent enemy lurking in our midst. It is called adrenal fatigue. Your adrenal glands are under constant siege from stress which comes in many forms. Read More »
Coach's Corner: Get Your Goals and Mind Right with Neal Maddox
August 28 2015 | In Living Healthy
When setting out to accomplish your goals, your mind can either be your greatest ally or your biggest adversary. Neal Maddox discusses how you can harness the power of your mind by focusing your goals during the Championship Challenge. Read More »
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