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Partnering with Lurong Living on the 2015 Championship Challenge is a natural fit for HumanX by Harbinger

Our training gear helps athletes maximize their workouts -- train harder, heavier and longer. The Challenge helps athletes realize their potential thru rigorous exercise, science-based nutrition, online workout and tracking platform and an insanely supportive community!

The Championship Challenge is also a vehicle for gym owners and their coaches to unite and deepen their community through friendly team and individual competition. With 25 years experience supporting gyms, we at Harbinger understand how tough being an owner and coach is -- juggling daily operations of the gym, managing employees, programming WODs and building/maintaining members.

That's why we try to make our biz super simple and easy. How?

  • Wholesale pricing everyday. Deals on bulk orders.
  • No minimums.
  • Same day shipping on orders placed by 11am PST; next day onall orders received after.

HumanX is here to support gyms whether you're buying for use on the gym floor, or for re-sale to your members, or both.

We are excited to build relationships with new owners and coaches. You are on the ground floor of fitness, and give us the most candid, functional feedback that pushes HumanX by Harbinger to be our best in every product and program we make.

Isn’t that what the 2015 Championship Challenge is all about? Using our resources to improve ourselves and challenge one another to reachfarther, push harder and achieve our highest individual and community goals.

Now, let's get on it!

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By Challenge Team | Sat, Sep 26, 2015 08:00AM | Living Healthy

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