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The Secret Power of Sleep
August 26 2015 | In Living Healthy
As athletes we do almost anything to hit the next PR, to improve our performance. But what if our best resource and tool was free, easy, and we didn't have to work for it? That sounds too good to be true, but that is the beauty of a long lost treasure called sleep. Learn from former Navy Seal Brad McLeod how and why your bed is calling. Read More »
Headache Causes and Treatments
August 21 2015 | In Living Healthy
While many people don’t think of food being responsible for headaches, researchers for over 50 years have been showing how foods can cause headaches and migraines. Read More »
Human to the Power of X
August 15 2015 | In Living Healthy
Harbinger has long been a staple in the weight lifting world, and their products are backed by decades of experience. Harbinger is more that their HumanX functional fitness line. They are dedicated to changing lives which is their driving force for their sponsorship of the Championship Challenge. Read More »
Nutrition 101
August 10 2015 | In Living Healthy
Nutritional philosophies and fad diets over the decades have teetered back and forth. So let's get back to basics, from a medical perspective. Read More »
Why Do Joints Break Down and How Can I Protect Them?
August 5 2015 | In Living Healthy
Are aching knees and bad shoulders just part of getting older? Can anything be done to help prevent the deterioration from happening in the first place? Dr. Patrick Kwok discusses your joints, why they break down, and what you can do to protect yourself for decades to come. Read More »
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