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So you started taking Lurong Living Essential, but should you keep taking it after the Challenge is over? This article expands on the main benefits from those who take Lurong Living Essential regularly.

Benefits for an Athlete Taking Lurong Living Essential

  • Decreased inflammation in joints, tendons, and muscles
  • Decreased pain
  • Decreased soreness
  • Fewer Injuries
  • Accelerated Injury Recovery Time
  • Increase workout volume capacity
  • Accelerate post WOD recovery time
  • Natural energy boost with no stimulants

How it Works- The Secret of Whole Foods

To start, it’s important to understand that Lurong Living Essential is not an isolated synthetic chemical designed to immediately and artificially produce one single result. Essential is an all-natural whole food that is absorbed through your body’s natural digestive process with many benefits. For this reason, the effects of Essential will be felt at different times and in different ways for everyone. Some will experience dramatic firework type improvements while others will take more gradual steps in their improvements.


Inflammation is likely the number one reason CrossFitters are unable to reach their goals, become injured, or are simply unable to continue CrossFitting. Inflammation affects people of all ages and needs to be addressed on a nutritional level. Cleaning up your diet is one component, as removing inflammatory foods is a critical component in our fight against damaging inflammation. Lurong Living Essential is the other key. It actually is giving you the nutrients your body needs to eat away and prevent inflammation that leads to soreness, pain, and breakdown in the joints.

The first and one of the most significant attributes of Essential is that it contains Prostaglandins, your body’s main regulator of inflammation.

Inflammation is the body’s acute defense mechanism in response to infection or injury. Many of our daily activities can cause Inflammation:

  • Intense Physical Activity/Sport
  • Injury/trauma
  • Diet
  • Infection (bacteria/viral)

For a CrossFitter that is pushing your body to the limit daily, inflammation in response to intense physical activity will limit your body’s flexibility and function along with potentially causing joint degeneration. Taking Essential will help to eliminate inflammation and the soreness that accompanies it. With less soreness and inflammation you are recovering faster and will be able to work out with more intensity day after day. It is quite common for us to hear CrossFitters PR’ing on multiple movements within their first 15 - 30 days on Essential.


Pain is an obstacle for a significant portion of the Community. You likely have many athletes who have “learned to live with the pain” or say “I am old, of course my body hurts.” Lurong Living Essential is a tool that can break through those barriers by helping your body naturally heal itself. Imagine your clients being able to work out more frequently, with less pain, and fewer excuses. Let’s not forget less whining. For anyone currently experiencing pain on a daily basis due to arthritis or a nagging old injury, you can expect to feel relief within the first 30 days and as early as 10 - Over 95% of people who stay regimented on Essential for more than 30 days report significant improvements.


In addition to Prostaglandins, Lurong Living Essential also contains a combination of associated minerals, growth factors and co-factors that will increase energy, decrease joint pain/stiffness/muscle ache allowing for increased strength, increased endurance, and decreased recovery time and soreness.

In summary, Lurong Living Essential will be felt at different times depending on who you are, your body’s natural deficiencies and acute issues. While eating a clean whole food diet is helping to remove many damaging foods from your diet, Lurong Living Essential is providing nutrients that have been missing from your diet. It is important to stay regimented and take mental notes on a daily basis on how you feel and what you are experiencing. Remember, it is natural to feel good therefore your mind will not tell you when Essential is working, however our body is very good at signaling us when it hurts. By taking daily mental notes or even writing in a journal it will help with the recognition of when Essential is working for you.

Expectations within the first 30-45 days

(Results may be experienced earlier or later depending on the individual)

  • Decreased Soreness and Recovery time
  • Increased energy
  • Increased strength
  • Increased Endurance
  • Joint Pain Relief
  • Improved flexibility and Joint function
  • Improved Sleep Patterns

Lurong Living Essential is the perfect addition to your daily regimen. It is a whole food that provides a combination of nutrients that your body is not getting from your normal diet, even if that is 100% clean. It isn't enough to just remove the garbage from our diet; we need to ensure that we are fueling our body with all the nutrients we were designed to consume. Even if you didn't take advantage of the discount during registration, you can still get the same 45% ($15) discount off your first bottle. Simply click the link below and then click on the buy now tab. The discount will be automatically applied to your order.

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By Challenge Team | Tue, Nov 3, 2015 02:00PM | Living Healthy

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