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Challenge is a Scary Word
July 27 2015 | In Living Healthy
There is little doubt, change can be difficult. But with the right program and support, you can succeed and change your life. But change can only start after taking the first step. Read More »
Performance Contest Release- Max Row for Prizes
July 26 2015 | In Announcements
It's time to get warmed up for the Championship Challenge. We aren't just talking about warming up your body. We are warming up our prize machine as this is the first opportunity to win part of the more than $85,000 prize purse during the Championship. Every time this contest is shared we are donating meals through Feeding America. Help us reach our goal of 1,000 meals. Read More »
Grass Fed? What it Really Means
July 23 2015 | In Food & Nutrition
Eating meat is a personal decision for many of us, but if you do eat it, you’ll want the best you can get. Grass fed meat may be what you’re looking for because the CrossFit program is a demanding challenge with no room for anything that’s going to throw off the nutritional balance you’re striving to create. Read More »
Athlete Registration Goes Live at 2PM EST Today and Prizes are on the Line
July 20 2015 | In Announcements
We are proud to announce that registration for the Championship Challenge is almost here. Register today for discounted pricing and your chance to win some great prizes for yourself and your box. Read More »
6 Medical Tips to Avoid Injuries
July 15 2015 | In Living Healthy
Avoiding injuries is critical whether you are training for the Opens or just trying to get in shape. Injuries and setbacks prevent us or at least delaying us in reaching our goals. And an injury in the middle of the Challenge would really be ill-timed. So here is some advice on avoiding injuries from Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Patrick Kwok. Read More »
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