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Registration Deadline Tonight
September 17 2015 | In Announcements
Registration closes tonight at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time. Please don't wait till the last minute as we won't be able to make any exceptions after this deadline. Also, all athletes need to have their affiliates registered. Read More »
Pre-Challenge Photo Contest Winners
September 16 2015 | In Announcements
It was a tough competition and we saw some creative ways you all prepped for the start of the Challenge. Check out our 6 winners....+ 2 bonus winners. Read More »
Welcome to the Championship Challenge. What do I do now?
September 14 2015 | In Announcements
Here is a simple rundown of everything you need to know. Take time to familiarize yourself with this list of requirements and resources that are now open. If you haven't registered yet, don't wait any longer. Read More »
Shopping Healthy- Championship Style
September 12 2015 | In Food & Nutrition
Getting ready for some grocery shopping? Are you a little intimidated? Fear is frequently driven by the unknown. So here are some great tips to getting started. Here is to a brand new experience at the grocery store. Read More »
Nutrition-U: 4 Diet Change Pitfalls
September 8 2015 | In Food & Nutrition
Today we explore the most common mistakes people make when starting new "diets". Once brought into the light, these pitfalls lose their element of surprise and puts you back in the driver seat. This article is part of our "Nutrition-U" series which is exclusively available for challenge participants. Read More »
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