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Headache Causes and Treatments
August 21 2015 | In Living Healthy
While many people don’t think of food being responsible for headaches, researchers for over 50 years have been showing how foods can cause headaches and migraines. Read More »
Pushing Past Fads and Finding Your Why
August 19 2015 | In Food & Nutrition
Understanding why you are doing something is just as important and understanding what you are doing. Fad diets focus on the "what". Lifestyles are built on the foundation of understanding "why". Why do you want to change? Why does this new way of eating work, and how can I live like this? Your why starts here. This article is part of our Nutrition-U series which you have access when registered. Read More »
Pre-Challenge Recipe Contest Winners
August 19 2015 | In Announcements
WOW- more than 250 recipes were submitted during our pre-challenge recipe contest. Today we announce our winners. Read More »
Human to the Power of X
August 15 2015 | In Living Healthy
Harbinger has long been a staple in the weight lifting world, and their products are backed by decades of experience. Harbinger is more that their HumanX functional fitness line. They are dedicated to changing lives which is their driving force for their sponsorship of the Championship Challenge. Read More »
The Resiliency Project is Championship Gold
August 15 2015 | In Announcements
The Resiliency Project embodies so much of what the CrossFit community and the Lurong Living Challenge Series is all about: empowering lives through fitness, education, and a heart for impacting others. The Resiliency Project is raising awareness to their mission and providing thousands in prizes through their corporate partners and relationships within the CrossFit Community. Read More »
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