Championship Challenge Enhancements
01 Brand new 7-week meal plan with shopping list and food prep instructions.
02 Early registration discount pricing- as low as $29.95.
03 New team scoring system- enhance your team's opportunity to come out on top no matter how big your affiliate is.
04 Weekly performance prizes for all 3 skill levels- 18 winners every week.
05 New ways to win- in addition to transformation prizes, now individuals and teams can win for performance alone.
06 Improved mobile interface.
07 Team Email feature- affiliates can now send group emails and updates to their entire team at one time.
08 7 Championship caliber WODs programmed by Neal Maddox- each with 3 Skill levels. Compete for points, prizes, and bragging rights each week.
09 Expanded Food Database- know without a doubt what foods are good, banned, or allowed in moderation.
10 New Community Recipe Book- includes more than 50 bonus recipes inspired and submitted by past challenge participants.
11 New XWOD performance tips to help you see even bigger results.
12 New sponsors- we have added new sponsors which means a wider array of prizes and better exclusive offers. We will surpass $80,000 in our prize pool. Did we mention that we love to hook you up?
13 New exclusive content to help you eat better, live healthier, and perform better than you ever believed. This includes our Nutrition U Series, Grocery Store Tour video archive, and Performance Tips video archive.
14 Website upgrades with an improved user experience for athletes and affiliate validators.
15 Up to 3 affiliate validators per team makes it easier on affiliate owners.
16 Movement and Mobility warmup programming for each WOD by The Movement Fix- geared to get your movement patterns dialed in.
17 Crossover Symmetry shoulder fix program- the 4 week program is designed to emphasize more complex positions and demands on mobility and stability and included 16 skill transfer exercise videos.
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