Since 2012, Lurong Living Challenges have raised more than $75,000 for our dedicated charitable partners. A portion of every athlete registration goes directly to changing the lives of others. Improving your own life has never been so selfless.

Barbells for Boobs

Barbells for Boobs is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer, with an emphasis on women and men under the age of 40.

Inspired by athletes everywhere, local communities come together, fund raise, and help us detect potentially life threatening breast cancer occurrences.

Visit for more information or Donate here.
Resiliency Project

The Resiliency Project builds on the pillars of Honor- Integrity- Mobility to establish a centralized resource to empower and enable armed service community members reintegration into civilian life to ultimately stop the number of veterans who take their own lives. We believe in the healing powers of the mind and it’s limitless ability to cultivate the human spirit.

Our Team builds a network of CrossFit boxes and gym locations for armed service members to identify a location in their area or an area they are relocated. Welcoming current and retired service members into our CrossFit community has the power to provide life changing experiences, and transform the quality of one’s life. As a community, we are we are the first line of defense in helping armed service members successfully return to civilian life.

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Feeding America

As the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization, Feeding America leads the charge to solve America's hunger crisis. We are rated high by accreditation organizations who see the value that Feeding America provides to our nation.

As individuals, charities, businesses and government, we all have a role to play in ensuring every family has enough to eat during the holidays and all year long. The Feeding America network of food banks is leading the fight against hunger in communities across the country.

Lurong Living donates 5 meals for every athlete who registers for the Challenge.

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