3 Diet Levels


ELITE is perfect if you are looking for a fresh start and want to understand how common foods are affecting your body. It is also ideal for you if you have struggled to either lose weight or keep it off.


PRO is more flexible. It looks similar to a focused Zone approach. If you are focusing on eating healthy foods to hit your macros, this is the level for you.


STARTER provides a manageable starting point no matter what your current physical or dietary state. It gives you the perfect entry level focus and is the first step in creating a healthy lifestyle.

The Championship Challenge provides 3 diet levels to best meet the individualized needs of the men and women participating in the Challenge. These 3 levels have been developed through a coordinated effort between the Challenge staff with top dieticians, doctors, practitioners, and trainers across the country. These levels are further supported by the statistical data we have collected from more than 50,000 athletes just like you over the last five years.

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We invite you to understand our philosophy, methodology, and the nutritional science behind our diet levels. Learning leads to understanding. Understanding changes a mindset. And when your mindset changes, lifestyle transformation occurs. Knowing the WHY is a vital cornerstone to your life transformation experience.

The ELITE, PRO, and STARTER diet levels are designed to build a solid foundation on whole foods. Each level provides a unique focus and appropriate path, taking into consideration both your goals and where you are right now. As part of our philosophy, you are never locked into any one level. Your diet tracking will reflect the good choices you make throughout each day.

Our unique approach with 3 diet levels gives you the flexibility to customize your food choices around your life, while holding you accountable to make the best decisions possible. When you have the freedom to choose, you have the power to change. No more bingeing or feeling defeated. The Championship Challenge is all about you becoming the person you are destined to be. Follow our process and results are closer than you might believe.


The ELITE diet level focuses on eating more nutritionally dense whole foods while avoiding troublesome foods. ELITE helps athletes see the greatest improvements in 7 weeks, especially in terms of weight loss, inches lost, performance, and overall health transformation. This level is the most restrictive in terms of the number of limited or banned foods. While it is the most challenging level, ELITE provides sustainable structure into which we have seen thousands of converts over the years.

ELITE dietary guidelines accomplish three primary objectives: removing inflammatory and problematic foods (those most likely to cause allergies or sensitivities), controlling insulin response (preventing blood sugar spiking), and giving your body a metabolic reset. When you spend 7 weeks removing processed foods, sugar, grains, dairy, and legumes, you give your body a fresh start, and you are able to set a new baseline. At the end of the Challenge, you may wish to add one food back into your diet at a time to see how your body responds. Many of us spend decades consuming foods that are doing more damage to our bodies than we ever realized. The only way to know for sure is to start fresh.

ELITE is not strict Paleo, but it will look familiar to those who have experience with Paleo. While there may be several similarities, it is not dictated by current Paleo trends.

ELITE is perfect for those who want to start fresh and want to understand how common foods are affecting their body. It is also ideal for those who have struggled to either lose weight or keep it off.

ELITE may be the most personally enlightening path to take nutritionally, even if your plan is not to remain as strict in your dietary restrictions for the long haul.

Key Restrictions: Dairy, sugar, some natural sweeteners, legumes, white potatoes, wheat, rice, breads, pastas, corn, artificial ingredients.

Key Allowances: Ghee, cocoa powder, 100% raw unsweetened chocolate, limited natural sweeteners, 1 whey protein supplement with no added sugar per day, 1 glass of wine per day.

ELITE can help participants take their diet and health to the next level by maximizing improvements in 7 weeks, especially in terms of weight loss, inches lost, performance, and overall health transformation. Some individuals who make Elite their goal for the Challenge will continue this standard for their daily lives. However, most who choose ELITE will do so as part of their journey during the Challenge and then settle into a pattern that is closer to the PRO diet level for the long-haul.


The PRO diet plan also focuses on consuming high quality whole foods and removing or limiting only the most problematic foods. While the PRO regimen does provide more options such as dairy, rice, and some grains, legumes, and more sweetener options, it follows the same nutritional principles and goals as ELITE.

Many athletes who are training with high volume will choose to incorporate the PRO regimen as part of their training program because they need more healthy carbohydrate options than are allowed with ELITE. PRO may be the better option for these types of athletes.

This does not mean that you cannot meet the nutritional demands of a high-level athlete and still follow ELITE, but PRO does provide more flexibility. PRO also provides a regimen that is easier to follow, which may be perfect for anyone who is not ready to commit to the stricter ELITE regimen.

The PRO regimen will look similar to a focused Zone approach for those who are focusing on eating healthy foods to hit their macros. While PRO does not require athletes to measure their blocks, it does provide the guidelines to fill their macronutrient needs with high-quality foods and nutrients, not with donuts.

Key Restrictions: Wheat, sugar, corn, fruit juices, most alcohol, white potatoes, breads, pastas, artificial ingredients.

Key Allowances: Quinoa, whey protein supplements, rice, oatmeal (not instant), legumes, natural sweeteners, some alcohol, most dairy (natural), caffeinated supplements, whey protein supplements.


The STARTER regimen is about better understanding the foods we eat and empowering you to make better choices. It is a starting point, a gateway, to a healthier version of yourself. It is the least restrictive and provides a non-threatening approach to changing your diet. While our goal for every participant is to progress eventually to the PRO and ELITE regimens in future Challenges, STARTER provides the perfect place to begin your journey without feeling like you have to be "perfect."

STARTER provides a manageable step no matter what your current physical or dietary state. Those who begin with STARTER in mind will likely begin to transition to hitting PRO or ELITE levels with some meals during the same Challenge.

STARTER restricts a select number of the most problematic foods and ingredients, but don't underestimate the impact on your body, performance, and perspective towards food. The results will amaze you.

Key Restrictions: Wheat/Whole wheat, sugar, soda, juice from concentrate, candy, meal replacement products, and artificial ingredients.

Key Allowances: All other grains, white potatoes, more alcohol, all fruit, starchy vegetables, natural sweeteners, dairy, legumes, lemon/lime juice, caffeinated supplements, whey protein supplements.

How It Works

During the Challenge, you are always encouraged to make the best choice possible. You have the flexibility to change between diet levels whenever you need to do so. In fact, you can choose your level for each of the 6 time periods of the day. That way, you are always rewarded for how well you do. No more falling off the wagon, or bingeing because you messed up a little.

The Championship Challenge is all about creating lasting change by turning daily decisions into habits and lifestyle changes. Now you have the power to change your diet on your terms. We'll just help keep you focused, accountable, and supported the whole way through.

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