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Our integrated platform is tailored from our extensive experience and data to help you you succeed beyond expectations. If you are open to investing just five weeks of your life, you will never be the same. Learn to love that person in the mirror.

3,000+ Affiliates

We have earned the trust of affiliate owners nationwide.

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50,000+ Athletes

The only question is how much you will improve and how badly you want it.

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Proven Results

Improve your performance by 15% while losing 5 lbs and 5+ inches.

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Real Change, Real People

Not only will you see quick results from completing one of our Challenges, but you'll continue to see remarkable transformation in your body each time you participate.

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It is difficult to make real changes in our lives, especially if we try to do it alone. It is no wonder that our dreams and goals often fail when we rely on our own willpower. It's time to stop wondering what is possible and what you are capable of. Become the person you were designed to be.

You will learn how to change your diet and be empowered to put that knowledge into practice. You will experience support and accountability to take you further than you have ever gone before. This is where good intentions, dreams, and aspirations gain new life.


What sets this Challenge apart from anything you have experienced is our comprehensive approach to helping you reach your goals. We take the guesswork out of it! We provide all the tools you need to have success starting day 1.

Meal Plan

Our 7-week plan includes weekly shopping lists, food prep instructions, and bonus recipes designed to help you eat right and save time.

Recipe Catalogue

Gain access to our 120+ recipe collection including delicious entrees, breakfasts, lunches, and, of course, snacks.

Transforming Experience

Everything you need is in one, revolutionary place, so you can take your diet and fitness wherever you go. You are rewarded for everything you accomplish and every good decision you make. Let a little competition and accountability push you farther than you can go on your own.

WOD Leaderboards

Each week your performance is tested by a WOD programmed by 6-Time Games Athlete Neal Maddox. You will see how you rank in each of our 3 skill levels, earn points, and contribute to your team.

Food Database

Wondering if your favorite food is allowed during the Challenge? Our interactive food search will help you find the answer fast. Take the guesswork out of it.

Support from the Heart

The Challenge Team and coaches are dedicated to answering any questions you may have during the Challenge. And we really do love to help. If you still cannot find your answer, don’t hesitate to use the contact us form.

Win Prizes

With more than $50,000 in prizes from the top brands in the community, you are sure to find your extra motivation to push to the next level.

Change the World

Every Championship Challenge registration provides direct support for our official charity, Barbells for Boobs. So far our Challenges have raised more than $90,000 for life-changing charities.


Learn what everyone is talking about. From affiliate owner to trainers, from top athletes to newbies, you will enjoy the experience and your results.

CrossFit 716 N. Tonawanda, NY

The Challenges are also easy for us to implement without a tremendous amount of work on our end. Our athletes see great results and have great success.

EA's CrossFit Sonoma, CA

Thanks for being a part of our box for the past 4 years. Your Challenges just get better and better, and your support is amazing....

Amy Labby CrossFit Chiron

I always lose weight and get stronger. I have been able to keep the weight off between Challenges, and it is helping change our family for the long term.

Sarah McKinney CrossFit Awaken

I learned about myself & how to push myself harder. I lost 10 inches and 11 lbs. I gained confidence and look forward to never going back.


Community is more than a warm and fuzzy feeling. It is about accountability to yourself and to others. It is being pushed to get one more rep, to hit a PR, and in return do the same for someone else. The Lurong Living Championship Challenge will help build deeper community at your box through competition, accountability, support, and teamwork.

The Challenge also provides a unique experience in that it brings people together from across the nation with a common goal. In this community, you will learn from others, be inspired by their stories, and become an inspiration to those around you. Take the Challenge and be a part of something bigger than yourself.


Inches and pounds are lost, PRs are set, prizes are won, and lives are transformed. However, at the end of the day, the real winners are the thousands of lives that are impacted through the dedicated work of our Family of Charities. A portion of every registration goes directly to Barbells for Boobs. To date, our Challenges have raised more than $90,000 for our charities. Life transformations don't stop with your personal results. Your success leaves a legacy.


It's time to make yourself a priority. Join thousands of others just like you, and watch what happens to your body, your mind, and your confidence.

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