Are You Up for the Challenge?

Are you thinking about registering for the Championship Challenge but not sure what to expect? Not sure about the kinds of results others who have completed Challenges before have seen? Check out what some of our previous Challenge participants have to say about their experiences.

Jennifer Gregg

This Challenge is life changing, if you fully commit to and embrace the process. Are there challenges and struggles, yes, but that’s all a part of life. One of my goals was to lose 10lbs. Well, I did that and then some. Learning to look at food a different way was key. Looking at food as fuel for my body, instead of eating “good” so I can have certain foods as treats or as a reward. It helped me to check ingredients and be accountable for what I was fueling me body with, and boy did I see a difference, in not only my weight loss, but also in how I felt in my day-to-day activities and workouts. My greatest victory within this Challenge was just signing up. Honestly, I wasn’t going to, but the people from my box encouraged me to sign up on the very last day, so I jumped in with 2 cold feet and never looked back. I plan to keep the momentum going through keeping this way of life, my new way of life.CrossFit Hoka Hey, CA

Dennis Kern

The Lurong Living Challenge has empowered and educated me so that I can make healthy choices that yield positive results. I have tried many “diets” that have only shown me shortcuts that are not maintainable. I love the support that I received, not only from the other members of my box, but also through the Lurong Living Challenge website. I found lots of information that helped me succeed during the Challenge. The diet levels are designed in a way that really works well for me. I mostly kept to the Elite level diet plan. I found the recipe items located on the Elite menu pretty easy to make and delicious. My entire family enjoyed the food and the opportunity to try something new and healthy. I think the thing that makes the Lurong Living Challenges different from anything else I’ve tried is the combination of diet with fitness (the weekly workouts) presented through an easy-to-use website. CrossFit Mt. Lebanon, PA

Julie Pregler

This Challenge has changes my view on my diet and my physical appearance! I would recommend this to everyone; your diet really is 80% of your “look”. I not only look better, but I also feel physically stronger and healthier! Sometimes I would struggle with eating clean, but if I would cheat it would make me feel sick, so it made me not want to cheat again! Also, if my sweet tooth appeared, I would make Paleo treats! I feel that I’ve inspired others by them seeing my physical changes and my before and after pictures!CrossFit Unscathed, CA

Early Bird registration for the Championship Challenge opens on Monday, August 7th at 2 pm ET. Are you up for the Challenge?

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