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Registration Opens Tomorrow

Registration Opens Tomorrow
The Lurong challenge was by far the most rewarding challenge I've ever done. The results were immediate and continued to get better as the weeks went on. The first week I lost 8 pounds and have continued to lose. The workouts were so much fun and challenging. I thoroughly enjoyed doing them and watching my friends do them. The recipes were all amazing. Every single one I tried I absolutely loved. This was such a fun challenge for our box as a whole. I will definitely be doing this ever year! I can't wait to see my final results!  Jessica Hyman | CrossFit Full Bore, LA

Mind Over Body - Lifestyle Hacking

It may seem counter intuitive, but could your mind actually be the secret to unlocking your body's potential? Your body is capable of undergoing serious strain through physical training to increase your lean muscle gains and fat loss, but only if you use your mind to accomplish the difficult task again. Learn how simple use of your mind allows amazing things to happen with your body!
Hard to believe it's the end of another Challenge. It is true when they say time flies when you're having fun! Lurong Living Challenges and CrossFit Arenal have truly changed my life! I will be 51 this year and I am in the best shape of my life! I am doing things that I never thought possible like racing in my first triathlon. Thank you for being the absolute best support on my amazing journey! It has been an overwhelming incredible adventure! Sheri Gelvar | CrossFit Arenal, MD

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Road Map Vs. a Tightwire

When making changes to your diet it is important to follow a nutritional program that is built to set you up for success. While there are many opinions out there, the Lurong Living Challenge series balances freedom, choices, and restrictions like no other program is able. Learn why we developed the Challenge like a road map as opposed to the tightwire.

Challenge Community

Even with all the connections we to others with the internet, social media, and cell phones, there still remains a "lone-wolf" mentality in our culture. We tend to keep people just close enough without allowing them to be a "part" of our lives. The 2017 Lurong Living Championship Challenge breaks down barriers and further unifies the community at your box. It also harnesses the power of working as a team. So if you have thought for a moment about doing this Challenge by yourself, it is time to change your mindset and rally your affiliate.

Anna Tunnicliffe | Olympic Gold Medalist & CrossFit Games Athlete

As an affiliate owner and an athlete, I recommend the Challenge Series to anyone interested in improving their health and fitness or losing weight.

Nutrition is always the foundation for health and athletic performance. The Challenge Series is my preferred program in helping my athletes reach their weight loss, lifestyle, and performance goals. The Challenge fosters true life-transformation through creating a fun and rewarding environment where people are equipped to put healthy principles into daily practice. Daily practice with your diet and fitness builds habits that last a lifetime.


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