Before and After Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who shared their progress photos. It was not easy choosing the contest winners. Everyone who submitted deserves a huge congratulations because the results were AMAZING! To our winners, please enjoy your prize!

Before and After Photo Contest Winners

$50 Nike Gift Card
from Lurong Living

Matthew Bilyeu
Treasure Coast CrossFit
Mens | Open | South
Sarah Walls
CrossFit Rochester
Womens | Open | Northeast

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There are 2 comments

KT Rapach

5 days ago

Way to go Matt!!!!!!! You are such an inspiring and funny guy! Everyone loves you and your witty personality is infectious! So determined, strong and motivated!

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susan hammond

5 days ago

So proud of all the hard work we did as a team. Thank you to Stacey and lauren. Also thank you to all the non lurong friends that hung out with us all and tolerated our craziness.

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