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Tightrope vs. Road Map

When making changes to your diet, it’s important to follow a nutritional program that’s built to set you up for success. While there are many opinions out there, the Lurong Living Challenge series balances freedom, choices, and restrictions like no other program able. Learn why we developed the Challenge like a road map as opposed to a tightrope.

Sponsor Products and Discounts

Our Challenge sponsors aren't just nameless faces in the crowd. These companies are run by owners who are dedicated to supporting your health, fitness, and personal quest to better yourself. To celebrate, we've all come together to bring you some amazing deals on the equipment and gear that you need to keep you prepared and on track to achieving your goals.

Week 1: What to Expect & Lifestyle Focus

The Challenge has begun! Before you had off to the races, check out the first weekly update so you don't miss anything, you know what to look for, and you can learn about this week's lifestyle focus: Setting Goals.

Meal Plan Release & Bonus Tools

Now's the time to prep for the start of the Championship Challenge. No matter your initial diet level goal, or your diet path, you have what you need to be successful from start to finish with our 2 meal plan options. Study them, choose one, print it out, save it to your smartphone, and get started.

Getting Started

Are you counting down the days until the Challenge starts? We've got everything you need to get started on the right foot. Simply click here for more details.

Video Series Part 1: Setting Yourself Up for Success

Lurong Living will be bringing you a 5-part video series to help you better understand the Challenge and how to get the most out of your experience. The first video talks about getting rid of tempting foods to set yourself up to succeed for the rest of the Challenge.

"Everyone should try this Challenge at least one time."

This was a great experience. Everyone should try this Challenge at least one time. The food was challenging but worth it! I travel a lot and this Challenge helped me learn to make better choices when going out to dinner and learning that I don’t need all those extras. Eating clean is great but portion control is even better. My greatest victory was avoiding all of the temptations while at the airport. Airport delays are tough, but I survived them all! Moving forward, I plan on keeping these core principles while adding dairy back into my lifestyle. The one area of my life I hope to stay away from is weekday drinking. I didn’t realize how much that changed my eating and sleeping habits. Michael Weber

Why Exercising is Important to Losing Weight and Being Healthy

You may be wondering why fitness and exercise is such a big part of the Challenge. Whether your goal is weight loss or to become a better athlete, focusing on the quality of your training is the catalyst for success. Fitness is complimentary to your health, weight loss, and maintenance goals.

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