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By the Numbers
March 6 2015 | In Challenge Info
With the Resolution Challenge officially closed, we have had the chance to reflect just how much has been accomplished by everyone who completed the Challenge. Read More »
Resolution Challenge Team Champions
March 5 2015 | In Announcements
The Resolution Challenge was all about seeing how much you could improve the quality of your life by focusing on your diet, fitness, and key lifestyle markers. The Team Champions were able to take this goal and maximize the impact of their community at the box. They have risen to the top, and we are honored to announce our Champions. Read More »
What's Next? The Summertime Challenge
March 5 2015 | In Announcements
Even though many of us are still buried in snow, spring and summer are just around the corner. So what is the next step in your CrossFit and health journey? The Lurong Living Summertime Challenge. Read More »
Bonus Prize Raffle Winners
March 4 2015 | In Announcements
We love prizes and are proud to reward our athletes for achieving 2 specific markers during the life-transformation process. These prizes are awarded to individuals who improved their diet or their fitness capacity during the 5 weeks of the Challenge. Check out if you are one of our lucky winners. Read More »
Meet Our Individual Champions
March 4 2015 | In Announcements
The results from the Resolution Challenge have been incredible across the board, but these individual have risen above the crowd to become our Lurong Living Resolution Champions. Read More »
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