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Numbers don't tell the whole story. However, the numbers from the Resolution Challenge results are quite impressive and inspiring.

The Resolution Challenge was about focusing your diet and consistency in fitness in order to create real, measurable, sustainable results. It is one thing to feel better or to look better, as those things can be subjective and fleeting. However, once you quantify your results, health, and fitness we can KNOW we have improved. The following stats are collective and represent the results of athletes who completed both the beginning and ending requirement for each category as to be able to use their validated stats for comparison. So let's get to it.

The Typical Resolution Athlete Profile

So how much did the Challenge actually help everyone? Compare your results to the following averages for athletes across the board.

  • The average athlete lost 5 lbs
  • The average athlete lost 4.4 inches
  • The average athlete improved their fitness capacity by 11%
Weight Loss

Let's start by saying this was not a weight loss challenge. It was about comprehensive lifestyle transformation, and we use weight loss as one marker. We understand that many of the athlete put weight on via increasing muscle mass according to their goals. Therefore, the following stats are even more impressive for those who set goals of losing weight.

  • The average athlete lost 5 lbs
  • As a whole the Challenge lost a total of 10,158 lbs
  • As a group we lost more than 5 TONS
  • That is the equivalent of 5 thoroughbred race horses
  • Another way of looking at it is that we all shook off 196 monkeys from our backs....and other unwanted areas

Measurements are a more accurate test for how much someone improves their body composition, because as so many have learned. You can lose significant inches without even losing weight or even gaining some weight. We know muscle weighs more than fat, and from what you will see form the next section, fitness capacity increased. Therefore, check these numbers out:

  • The average athlete lost 4.4 inches
  • As a whole the Challenge lost a total of 8,056 inches
  • That is a total of 672 feet
  • You know the saying "Leave it all on the field"? Well if we did that on a football field, we are talking about 224 yards of excess body inches. That is more than 2 football fields long!
  • This total includes 49 yards of hips and 70 yards of waistline lost

Changing body composition is great, but few of us would sacrifice our fitness in order to achieve the body image we envision. After all, doesn't our fitness help prepare us for whatever challenges life throws at us? Therefore, weight loss or body composition changes, if not accompanied by physical performance improvement is not success in our book.

Well, we have good news:

  • The average athlete improved work capacity by 11%
  • Keep in mind that this type of improvement was accomplished within just 5 weeks. Now imagine living this focused all year long!
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    By Challenge Team | Fri, Mar 6, 2015 09:00AM | Challenge Info

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    Kathleen Brady - CrossFit Hard
    5 years ago | Report Abuse

    So cool! Do we know when the t-shirts will be shipped out? Everyone at my gym is excited to receive them. :)

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