Barbells for Boobs - A Cancer Survivor's Story

We often think of a good diet in terms of reaching our ideal weight or helping us perform a little bit better. However, there is more to the story. A healthy lifestyle can help cancer survivors (not just breast cancer) return to being and start exceeding their normal selves. Read about Monica's story here.

Week 1 Focus: Variety Is The Spice Of Life

This week's lifestyle focus is all about food. Yes, food is a good thing, and part of cultivating a healthy relationship with food is learning how to enjoy it. This week we aren't just focused on eating the right things and saying no to cravings. Rather, we are focusing on how food can be creative, delicious, and an experience worth investing in. Learn how to spice things up in your kitchen.

Submission is Open for Goals

Goals may now be submitted until 1/30 at 11:59pm eastern.

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Resolution Chipper Test results are open for submission until the deadline on 1/23 at 11:59pm eastern.

Resolution Chipper Test Announcement

The moment you've been waiting for...the first workout of the 2017 Resolution Challenge is here! This chipper will get your blood pumping and test your fitness level going into an amazing 2017.

Submission is Open for Starting Measurements

Starting Measurements are open for submission until the deadline on 1/23 at 11:59pm eastern.

Submission is Open for Starting Weight

Starting Weight are open for submission until the deadline on 1/23 at 11:59pm eastern.

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Getting Started

Are you counting down the days until the Challenge starts? We've got everything you need to get started on the right foot. Simply click here for more details.
The Lurong Living Challenge promotes a wonderfully healthy community within a gym. I love being part of a community that promotes healthy fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. This challenge simply covers all of the "bases". With multiple levels of diet and workouts it is definitely a one challenge fits all challenge! I get inspired by people doing everything they can to help the team be successful. No one falls out of focus. These last two challenges have afforded me the ability to do it with my life partner. He has brought a great amount of encouragement to me and others in the gym, and it is contagious! I will continue to enjoy the community that the Lurong Living Challenge has made even stronger! Theresa DeRycke | CrossFit Fairport, NY

Meal Plan Release

Now is the time to prep for the start of the 2017 Lurong Living Resolution Challenge. We are proud to release our 2 brand new meal plans. No matter your initial diet level goal, you have what you need to be successful from start to finish. Study it, print it out, save it to your smartphone, and get started.

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Top 10 Resolutions of 2017

2017 is closing in on us; it is also the time of year most of us make a resolution. Of course, what is a new year without a resolution? Nearly more than half of adults make New Year's resolutions.

Protein - Benefits and Traps

Protein is the building block of muscles, so it is no wonder selecting the right protein is such a popular subject. Is all protein created equal? Is it all basically the same? Or are there important things to consider before dropping big bills on your next bag or tub.

Top Fitness Gadgets for the New Year

We live in a tech-heavy culture. Often times, technology and modern conveniences are blamed for America's fitness decline, but what if your next electronic gadget could actually help you get active, fit, and healthier than ever. Check out some top picks to get 2017 started off right
I could not be happier that I joined this challenge! And the first week of giving up sugar and processed foods was most definitely a challenge! However, I have learned that I DO NOT need those foods and in fact my body prefers NOT to have them! I've seen changes in my body in the last 5 weeks that I haven't seen in the last 9 months of CrossFit alone. Best decision I ever made and I have learned a new way of eating. I would encourage everyone to take the challenge. Diet and exercise are crucial to good health and feeling great. Thank you, Lurong!!. Cathy Smith| CrossFit Undaunted, NY

The Christmas Chipper - The 2nd Pre-Challenge Contest

With the New Year around the corner, it's time to get a head start preparing for the Challenge. This week's pre-challenge WOD will get your competitive juices flowing during this holiday week and give you a chance to work off some of those extra calories. Check out how you can win more prizes.

Ashley Razak - Never Going Back

After transforming into the lean look I have always wanted and after losing 12 3/4 inches off my chest, waist, hips, arms and legs, why would I ever go back?
Ashley Razak from Cobra Command CrossFit - Basehor, KS