Epic Resolutions! Pre-Challenge Photo Contest

Epic Resolutions Photo Contest

This week is our last pre-Challenge contest and your next opportunity to win your share of the more than $35,000 in prizes offered during the Resolution Challenge. This week's contest requires you to be registered for the Challenge, so make sure you register today.

The 3rd pre-Challenge contest is here with the opportunity to win some great prizes from Relentless Jeans, MuffinElse, and Lurong Living

How the Contest Works

The contest is simple:

  1. This contest is open to all registered athletes.
  2. Take a photo, create Meme, create a photo of any and all Resolutions you'd like to achieve this year.
  3. The Challenge team will pick its 15 favorite overall photos, in order, as the winners.
  4. There's only 1 prize winner per photo. (No multiple winners)
  5. You can email your photo to challenge@lurongliving.com or submit by using #luronglivingchallenge or #LRLepicresolutions on Twitter or Instagram.
  6. The contest ends Sunday, January 15th.
Epic Resolutions Prizes

Our top 15 submissions will win one of these amazing prizes. The first 5 favorites will get their pick and then availability goes down the line.

Relentless Jeans
from Relentless Jeans

MuffinElse Variety Pack
from MuffinElse

Meal Management Lunch Box
from Lurong Living

New to the Lurong Living Challenge Series?

If you have never participated in one of our Challenges, then you don't yet know your true potential. We invite you spend 5 weeks with thousands of fellow competitors, where the power of community, accountability, and competition will push you to reach goals that are simply not possible on your own.

When you combine diet, fitness, competition, community, and accountability, you will achieve results you have never believed possible. Why are we so confident? Because 50,000 athletes just like you have already seen life-changing results.

Make sure to register today to be eligible for all our pre-Challenge contests and prizes.

Without Challenge There is No Change

Take the 1st step to become the person you've dreamed!

The Fine Print

Please read the complete rules page for all the Challenge details and privacy policy. There's nothing scary; it's just for your reading pleasure.

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1 year ago

emailed in photo of me and my 70 pound KB I call the "Thing"!

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