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Two days ago, the Deathproof CrossFit team suffered a major tragedy: their beloved box burned down due to a neighboring fire. In spite of this terrible loss, this dedicated team of athletes, lead by their box owners, is still competing in the Resolution Challenge.

We here at The Challenge Team see each and every athlete who participates in one of our Challenges as part of our community. And when someone in our community hurts, we hurt with them. We were devastated to hear that Deathproof CrossFit lost their box when a neighboring fire spread to their building. Deathproof CrossFit is a long-time competing team in our Challenges and often high-scorers on our leaderboard - they were crowned our small team first place champions for the 2017 Championship Challenge. Their indomitable, athletic spirit and outlook on life - especially in times of great obstacles and strife - continue to inspire us. Even though they just lost their box, yesterday we heard from the owners as well as several members of their team notifying us that they are still dedicated to finishing the Challenge. They're currently looking for a gym to use to finish the Challenge while they make plans to find a new permanent location to rebuild their box.

[The gym will] be back. It'll take some time. It's just working through the process of rebuilding.Jase Robinson, Deathproof CrossFit Owner

Help Deathproof CrossFit rise from the ashes and stay focused on meeting their Challenge and overall fitness goals. Donate to their GoFundMe page today.

Help one of our most dedicated teams rise from the ashes and rebuild. Donate to Deathproof CrossFit's GoFundMe page today!

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