Super 8 Retest Performance Winners

Week 5 Performance Winners

The top performers in each division at each skill level for the Super 8 Retest WOD have won this amazing prize from Lurong Living. Video submissions were required and the scores may have been adjusted based on video evidence. Congratulations!

RMP Custom LRL Jump Rope
from Lurong Living

Level 3 Athletes

Bob Porzio
CrossFit Redding
Mens | Masters + | West
Carrie Coe
CrossFit X2
Womens | Masters + | West
Eric Wirfs
Rogue Valley CrossFit
Mens | Masters | West
Molly Mullane
Rogue Valley CrossFit
Womens | Open | West
Philip Craig
CrossFit Hoka Hey
Mens | Open | West
Stephanie Smith
CrossFit Redding
Womens | Masters | West

Level 2 Athletes

Allison Lee
CrossFit Woodland Hills
Womens | Masters | West
Jean Baidet
CrossFit Key Largo
Mens | Masters + | South
Linda Poluch
CrossFit 8541
Womens | Masters + | Northeast
Mark Nieto
907 CrossFit
Mens | Masters | West
scott fellows
Deathproof CrossFit
Mens | Open | Northeast
Shelley Guest
Wildfire Fitness
Womens | Open | West

Level 1 Athletes

Blake Fry
CrossFit Key Largo
Mens | Masters + | South
Bonnie Stewart
CrossFit Massillon
Womens | Open | Northeast
Jason Cwiklinski
Harborside CrossFit
Mens | Masters | Northeast
Lisa Maddox
Deathproof CrossFit
Womens | Masters | Northeast
Mary Jo Fry
CrossFit Key Largo
Womens | Masters + | South
Patrick Meyers
CrossFit Key Largo
Mens | Open | South

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