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When I started this Challenge, I thought the food requirements was going to be the hardest part, however, I learned what I could and couldn’t eat and what worked for me. I tried new recipes, and ate veggies that I previously refused to eat. I found myself full and amazed at times how much I could eat and not feeling lacking. The workouts were challenging, but nothing I couldn’t do, unlike some other programs. It felt good to re-test in the end and crush the workouts the second time. In the end, I have lost weight and inches and I feel better! I’ve realized my goal with this Challenge. I plan on continuing the program in the future and look forward to the next Challenge. Joann Daly

How to Diet After the Holidays

The holidays are fun and enjoying for all, but one of the pitfalls of the season is all of the unhealthy food available to you in large quantities. Read on to learn how you can start a healthier diet and make it stick after the holidays.
I was very skeptical that I wouldn’t lose a lot of weight. I am pleasantly surprised that I was able to lose as much as I did. This process helped me realize that cheese was the culprit for me. After I made it through the first tough week I haven’t craved dairy products at all. It was definitely a win-win experience and I’ll be more careful to monitor my eating habits. I have always been active at the gym, but watching what you eat definitely has ramifications. Thank you for having this. It was a great, positive experience! Sherry Prescott
This challenge was great for me in so many ways. I learned to cook, learned a ton from my friends on healthy substitutions for foods. I was never hungry and my cravings were very muted. I've lost 13 pounds, which helped me have more confidence in being able to complete movements that seemed impossible before the challenge. I have bar muscle ups now, which was a stretch for me, and I feel like I'm continuing to make progress. I'm expending this challenge, for my own benefit, through the CFG Open, at the least. Chris Parker

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