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Improve Your Performance - Improve Your Body Composition - Achieve Your Resolutions

State of the Art Online Platform

Our Challenge platform has been university tested and proven to maximize results. It provides tracking, statistics, and tools, so you know exactly how much you improve. The average athlete increases their work capacity by 15 percent, loses an average of 5+ inches and athletes have lost upwards of 40lbs.

5 Week Meal Plans & 3 Community Recipe Books

Every athlete has access to our 2 meal plans, along with 3 bonus recipe books that will help keep you on track during the entire 5 weeks. The plans provide weekly shopping lists, meal prep tips, delicious recipes, macro breakdowns, and more. Take your nutrition game to the next level & enjoy the transformation.

New for 2017: 2 Diet Options

Athletes now have two diet options: Classic Diet or our brand new Macro Focus Diet. The Classic Diet is all about eating clean, whole foods without weighing or measuring. The Macro Focus Diet provides some flexibility with whole foods while hitting your macro targets. There's nothing else like it!

New for 2017: Customized Per Athlete

For the first time, athletes select whether they want to lose, gain or maintain their weight and body measurements. This will allow athletes with different goals the ability to compete under one team. It's a feature not seen anywhere else.

Get a Free Bag of Paradigm Protein with an Athlete Registration. See Site for Details.

Challenge Starts January 15th

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What is the Resolution Challenge?

The Challenge is a comprehensive diet and fitness competition hosted on our online platform. Compete as an individual and for your affiliate team. The Challenge provides the tools, resources, and competitive environment you need to reach your health and fitness goals.



Tracking and focusing your diet and fitness with our online platform produces results that are simply not possible on your own.



You know where to start, how to make changes, and see exactly how much your body performance improves. The Challenge eliminates guesswork and excuses.



Sharing a common purpose will help you build relationships, grow with your box, and see even better results.



Quickly learn what you can and can’t eat when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, and apply it immediately to your everyday life.

What's Stopping You?

Kickstart The New Year With A Plan.

So Many Prizes Up for Grabs

With a $30K+ Prize Purse from Lurong Living and our family of dedicated sponsors, you will have the opportunity to win BIG!

Pre-Challenge Contests
  • Performance Contest
  • Social Media Contest
  • Recipe Contest
  • Multiple Winners per Contest
Lifestyle Transformation Prizes
  • Grand Prizes for top 3 athletes in each division who earn the most points overall
  • Top 3 teams will win transformation prize packages
  • Top 3 small teams will win transformation prize packages
Performance Prize Packages
  • Weekly WOD performance winners for each skill level and division
  • 18 winners each week
  • Compare your performance on our nationwide leaderboard

Hold Your Resolutions Accountable!

It's time to take your health and fitness to the next level.

What Else Does the Challenge Include?


Dedicated Facebook Group

All Athletes who are sign up for the Resolution Challenge will be invited to join our new Challenge Series dedicated FB group.


Sponsor Discounts

You’ll have access to our sponsor discount page. All of our amazing sponsors will offer discounts on products that aren’t given anywhere else. These discounts are exclusive to you, the Challenge athlete.


Nationwide Leaderboard

You'll be able to see where you stand as an athlete. Compare your performance in each of the 5 Challenge WODs. The team leaderboards let you see how your team ranks nationally.

Results Speak for Themselves

Real stories from past Challenge athletes

This Lurong Living Challenge has pushed me physically and mentally to new limits. In the past I would have given up long before even attempting the task. I feel truly enlightened by this overall experience and by the other members of the community.

Cristal Wright
CrossFit Unlocked
Georgetown, DE

I lost close to 20 lbs during the Challenge along with multiple inches on my chest, waist and hips. During the Challenge I learned new recipes and foods that are healthy and I actually enjoy eating. I feel healthier and stronger, which shows in my performance. I recommend to anyone who has been struggling losing weight and just needs a little kick start to keep it going.

Jeffrey Shapiro
CrossFit Cobalt
West Babylon, NY

Do You Have Questions?

Quick Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more athletes at my box to participate?

We offer a variety of promotional tools for athletes and owners to promote the Challenge. First, if your team has officially signed up, they will be getting 3 posters in the mail; make sure they are hung up around the box. Second, follow us on social media; our team will be providing a variety of different social posts to help spread the word. Make sure you share the ones that are most beneficial to your box. Third, we offer a promotional kit with custom banners, downloadable fliers, and social posts for athletes and affiliates to use. Please reach out to and we'll be happy to send over the link.

Do you offer any programs for my affiliate?

Yes we do! Please contact us at and we’ll be sure to send you the program details and benefits.

What does my affiliate have to do?

The Challenge platform is built to be a service for affiliate owners and to help athletes reach their goals. It provides structure, community, education, and a competitive atmosphere, so we do all the hard work for your affiliate. It is free for affiliates to register. They will simply need to judge 5 workouts (1 per week), and take body measurements and weights during the 1st and 5th week of the Challenge. Then, after a simple validation for each requirement, they are done.

How much does the Challenge cost?

Team/Affiliate registration is Free. Athlete registration can be as low as $30 for returning athletes and $40 for new athletes. This offer ends December 28th at midnight ET. Once the early bird pricing period is over, registration can be as low as $45 for returning athletes and $55 for new athletes.

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

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