Coming Soon: Before and After Photo Contest

Before and After Photo Contest

Submit your before and after photos, showing off your gains (or losses) from the Resolution Challenge and you could win a prize. We will select 2 winners for this contest: the top male and female winners will each receive a $250 Nike gift card.

$250 Nike Gift Card
from Lurong Living

How to Enter
  1. Take a photo of yourself at the start of the Resolution Challenge. Then take another photo at the end of the Challenge showing your progress.
  2. Submit your photos to the Challenge team via email ( Please provide the dates of when they were taken (general date is fine).
  3. Or message your photos to our Facebook page via direct message to @LurongLiving.
  4. Show off, but keep them clean so we can share them with the world and encourage others to take part in future Challenges.
  5. The contest opens Wednesday, February 13th.
  6. All submissions are due by February 20th, where the winners will then be selected by the Challenge team and announced by within the following week.

The fine print: photo submissions may be used in future marketing material, so get ready to be a star. Please refer to the rules page for more details.

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