Karen Meets Annie Winners

Karen Meets Annie Performance Winners

These 18 athletes crushed our Week 3 Performance WOD. Congratulations and enjoy this great prize from Lurong Living!

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Level 3

Callie Claborn
Rogue Valley CrossFit
Womens | Open | West
Carrie Coe

Womens | Masters + | West
Jeff Bavisotto
Harborside CrossFit
Mens | Open | Northeast
Kristen Cargile
Oroville CrossFit
Womens | Masters | West
Mike Lewandowski
Longhorn Strength and Fitness
Mens | Masters + | South
Phil Shipos
CrossFit Kennett Square
Mens | Masters | Northeast

Level 2

Christy Seligman
CrossFit Dahlonega
Womens | Masters | South
Erin Ruddy
Flower City CrossFit
Womens | Open | Northeast
Jason Maddox
Mad City CrossFit
Mens | Masters | Northeast
Kristine Bartholetti

Womens | Masters + | Northeast
Scott Fellows
Deathproof CrossFit
Mens | Open | Northeast
stephen smith
CrossFit Impressions
Mens | Masters + | South

Level 1

Christopher Kerr

Mens | Masters | South
Ian Maroney
CrossFit Mid Hudson
Mens | Open | Northeast
Jennifer Kerr

Womens | Masters | South
Lauren Pasak
CrossFit 302
Womens | Open | South
Lou Feil
CrossFit Elkhart
Mens | Masters + | Northeast
Lucy Doyle
CrossFit Key Largo
Womens | Masters + | South

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