Affiliate Program

Lurong Living recognizes how much time and energy affiliate owners invest into improving the lives of their clients. In addition, we are humbled by the dedication you have to athletes who have participated in our Challenges over the past several years. Therefore, it is with great pride that we launch our partnership program. We officially welcome your box as a Lurong Living partner for our Challenges. Our Challenge platform started as a service to our family of affiliates, and that same spirit of commitment is even stronger today.

-The Challenge Team

We are pleased to offer the following benefits:


    For each customer that is approved, accepted, and enrolled under your affiliate in the Resolution Challenge will earn you the following commissions on the net sales on the customer's initial challenge registration or orders:

  • 20% Commission for 1-15 Athletes
  • 25% Commission for 16-30 Athletes
  • 30% Commission for 31+ Athletes

  • For each Customer that is approved, accepted and shipped Product pursuant to the Lurong Affiliate Program, Affiliate will receive the following commissions on the net sales for each Customer’s Order. This does not include initial challenge registration orders, but does include rebills or any products ordered through a promo code that correlates to the affiliate. Taxes and shipping costs are not included commissioned revenue.

  • 10% Commission on Overall Revenue on Orders Totaling Between $0 - $249.99
  • 15% Commission on Overall Revenue on Orders Totaling Between $250 - $749.99
  • 20% Commission on Overall Revenue on Orders Totaling Between $750 - $1,499.99
  • 25% Commission on Overall Revenue on Orders Totaling $1,500 +

Additional Benefits

  • Owners/Trainers: As an added benefit for signing up for the program, you will have the option to purchase 1 subscription package at 10% off, 2 subscription packages at 24% off, or 3 subscription packages at 40% off. You’ll be given 6 owner's code to use for your discount. Commission does not apply to orders placed with owner/trainer codes.
  • Promotions: The sign up will include promotional codes and banners for your website. This can earn you some extra cash via people who’d like to give the product a try but who aren’t participating in our Challenges.
  • Wholesale Program: Be confident that you are providing no-nonsense Challenge approved supplements to your athletes. Check out our Wholesale Program and learn how much you have to gain.

How Do I Get Started?

  • You’ll need to fill out a Partnership Agreement and W-9.
  • Please email Jason at A DocuSign document will be sent to your email address with the Partnership Agreement and W-9.
  • Please note that only the affiliate owner can use his/her personal tax ID. Anyone else filling out the forms must provide business information along with the business' Tax Identification Number.
  • Signing up for this program will update any previous affiliate agreement with Lurong Living. This agreement can be canceled by either party at any time. Please see terms and conditions when the agreement is sent for full disclosure. We promise, it is very simple and not at all scary.

When will I get paid?

  • Checks for athlete registration compensation will be added to your account after the refund date has expired for each individual Challenge participant.
  • Commission will be added to your account 30 days after the initial sale and renewal sale due to our 30 day refund period. Commissions will not be earned until the refund period has expired. Commission for products is capped on a monthly basis, meaning however much revenue Affiliates earn during the calendar month equals the commission percentage.
  • Checks for compensation will go out the month after the 30 day refund period. For example, commission payments for January will go out in March.
  • Please note that checks will only be sent out if a minimum of $35 is in the affiliate account. The money in the account will roll over until the minimum is met.

Email Jason at to get started today.

Learn Why Our Wholesale Program Rocks

We invite you to learn more about our product line and our wholesale offering.


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