Individual Prizes

You can compete as an individual and for your team at the same time, here are all the ways you can win based on your individual efforts.

Weekly Performance Prizes

Each week, you'll compete in a Challenge WOD where you can win one of these amazing prizes. Be sure to check the weekly WOD announcements for exact details. Each week the top performers in each skill level and division will win. Than means 18 athlete will win every week.

1st Place Champions

The individuals who earn the most overall points in their division win this prize package.

2nd Place Overall

3rd Place Overall

Before and After Photo Contest

Team Prizes

The Challenge features to team categories. Large Teams consist of 20 or more athletes & Small Team comprise of 10-19 athletes. See the rules page for complete scoring details.

1st Place Large Team

2nd Place Large Team

3rd Place Large Team

1st Place Small Team

2nd Place Small Team

3rd Place Small Team

The challenge team reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value. Colors may differ from prizes shown.


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