Team Performance Points Leaderboard

Team performance leaderboards are for pride and comparison rankings only. They are not related to prize winner categories. Team performance scores are calculated by adding the top 5 male and top 5 female performers from the team.

Rank Team Total Points
1 Harborside CrossFit 5,756
2 CrossFit Dahlonega 5,263
3 CrossFit Elkhart 5,165
4 Longhorn Strength and Fitness 5,038
5 CrossFit Chesapeake 4,942
6 CrossFit Mid Hudson 4,935
7 CrossFit ABV 4,832
8 CrossFit Paladin 4,649
9 CrossFit 405 4,535
10 CrossFit Rail Trail 4,418
11 CrossFit Hyattsville 4,182
12 Iron Forged PWC 3,760
13 CrossFit Mockingbird 3,139

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