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The Summertime Challenge creates an interactive experience which equips you for lasting success through the daily application of life-changing principles. Get fit, have fun, and become freaking healthy.

The Lurong Living Challenge Series does what no other fitness or nutrition or weight-loss program has ever done. It creates a fun and supportive environment and equips you to experience immediate and lasting results no matter where you are at today. The Summertime Challenge platform provides a revolutionary lifestyle approach that is proven to empower you to achieve the weight loss, fitness, health, performance, and lifestyle improvements you desire.

We remove the fear, isolation, empty promises, and the guesswork. At the same time, we replace those things with the Challenge community, practical tools, clear direction, flexibility to meet you where you are at.

Start building a team today and unite your entire community like no other competition that you have experienced. Team registration is free, simple, and empowering for box owners, trainers, and athletes.


What sets this Challenge apart from anything you have experienced is our comprehensive approach to helping you reach your goals. We take the guesswork out of it! We provide all the tools you need to have success starting day 1.

Meal Plan
Our 5-week plan Includes weekly shopping lists, food prep instructions, and bonus recipes designed to help you eat right and save time.
Recipe Database
Gain access to our 120+ recipe collection including delicious entrees, breakfasts, lunches, and, of course, snacks.
WOD Leaderboards
Each week your performance is tested by a WOD programmed by 6-Time Games Athlete Neal Maddox. You will see how you rank in each of our 3 skill levels, earn points, and contribute to your team.
Revolutionary Experience
Everything you need is in one convenient place, so you can take your diet and fitness wherever you go. You are rewarded for everything you accomplish and every good decision you make. Let a little competition and accountability push you farther than you can go on your own.
Food Database
Wondering if your favorite food is allowed during the Challenge? Our interactive food search will help you find the answer fast.
Support From the Heart
The Challenge Team and coaches are dedicated to answering any questions you may have during the Challenge. And we really do love to help and answer questions. We know that understanding WHY is a key component to your lifestyle transformation. In addition, you have a Challenge full of like-minded and dedicated participants who are standing with you. So make sure to check out the forum and ask your questions to the community. We are all in this together. If you still cannot find your answer, don’t hesitate to use the contact us form.


Every feature you will enjoy in the Summertime Challenge is created and tailored to create a rich, engaging experience that helps you actively practice everything you learn. Each week brings a new focus and workout challenge, keeping your mind and body fresh and alert.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Benchmark WOD Test Workout 2 Workout 3 Workout 4 Benchmark WOD Retest
Initial Body Measurements Ending Body Measurements
Starting Weight Final Weight
Set Goals Track Goals
Mind Gym Lifestyle Focus Fit & Fun Lifestyle Focus Recipe & Food Lifestyle Focus Tech-Free Lifestyle Focus Journaling Lifestyle Focus
Diet Tracking
Educational Blog | Nutrition U | Meal Plan | Community Forum
Written Reflection
Recipe Challenge Video Reflection
Optional Progress Photos Upload


The Summertime Challenge features 3 diet levels designed to encourage you to make the best choices possible while taking into consideration where you are at today. The Elite, Pro, and Starter levels let you come as you are and move to the next level at your pace. Each level has a clear set of guidelines for what foods, beverages, and ingredients are encouraged, banned, or allowed in moderation. You have the flexibility to choose any level for any meal, and are rewarded accordingly. The levels provide a challenge for even the most experienced and health conscious, while being manageable for those just getting started. No matter what end of the spectrum you are on, the Summertime Challenge will be an enlightening and rewarding experience. Come as you are. Transformation starts right where you are. While most people only dream about the destination, you will learn how to enjoy the journey and the process. For more information check out the 3 Diet Levels Page.


The Summertime Challenge workouts are programmed by 6x Games athlete Neal Maddox specifically to test your fitness and push you to hit new PR's. For all workouts including the benchmarks, there are 3 standardized skill levels which make exciting for top competitors and appropriately challenging and accessible for those just stepping into the box. No matter your level of fitness, you will have fun and be challenged. Most importantly, you WILL improve.

Athletes who prove their athletic prowess can win performance prizes for the benchmark workout. We will award prizes for the top athlete performance in each division in each for the benchmark workout. Don't think it is only the ELITES who have a chance to win. We will award the top performers for each skill level. So let the competition begin.You will experience the connection between your diet and your physical health and performance.


The nutritional philosophy is simple: eat real foods, control insulin response (blood sugar), and try to balance each meal and snack with a protein, healthy fat, and good carbohydrate. Our 3 diet levels create clear and easily understood standards and our supportive tools give you the power to apply them to your daily life.

Don't let the world of nutrition be scary or overwhelming anymore! You have access to our interactive food search feature where you can search for a food or a category to find if it is allowed, banned, or OK in moderation. If a food isn’t there, ask us and we will let you know and add it to the list. Add in a recipe database, meal plan, and Nutrition U Series, and you are set up to experience real results and establish a new lifestyle.

We invite you to learn more about our nutritional philosophy for our 3 Diet Levels.


The magic behind the Summertime Challenge is how we balance diet & nutrition with fitness. You seamlessly apply healthy habits into your everyday lifestyle. The Challenge integrates your entire lifestyle as opposed to slapping a band-aid on just one area of your health. If you have ever failed using one of these types of programs, we get it. It's not your fault. You just haven't looked in the right place, until now.

The problem with so many other weight-loss programs or magic pills is that they do nothing to teach you or equip you to make long-lasting changes. Sure, some of them produce some quick short-term improvements, but in the end, they left you alone and destined to fall right back to where you were.

Some programs create unrealistically low-calorie recommendations which are impossible and even unhealthy to live by. You may see some initial weight loss, but the inevitable truth it that you will gain that weight back and probably even more.

Many programs take it to the extreme and try to exploit the uniqueness of the approach or the newest fad, but those just leave people confused and ill-prepared to find a reasonable lifestyle balance that produces long-lasting results.

You've probably read various blogs or purchased multiple cookbooks, hoping that the information and the pretty pictures will fire you enough to start putting those principles into practice. However, without the right program that motivates and inspires you, you are left to try everything on your own. And most the time these cookbooks do nothing more than to collect dust on the corner shelf.

Still other programs insist you have to weigh your food, count every calorie, and use dozens of spreadsheets or complicated templates to see success. Again, elaborate complexity does little to help us to be inspired and equipped to live and eat healthy in the real world.

Weight-loss products and other gimmicks always promise that you don't have to change anything about your lifestyle because their magic solution will cover up any issues you have.

The Summertime Challenge changes everything, because it centralizes everything you need under one virtual roof. We combine education, accountability, fitness, healthy lifestyle habits, meal planning, recipes, competition, and teamwork, creating an environment for success.

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