About the Challenge

The Lurong Living Summertime Challenge combines nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and accountability in a fun and engaging nationwide competition. It is built for those who want to take back control of their lives while improving diet, performance, and confidence.

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Why Join the Challenge

The Summertime Challenge creates an interactive community experience which equips you and creates lasting transformation. Get fit, have fun, and unlock your true potential!

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How the Challenge Works

Check out why you've never experienced a Challenge like this. Learn how our proven platform and nutrition options will empower you to reach your goals.

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New Enhancements

Every Challenge gets better and better. See what's new for the Summertime Challenge, including our new Macro Focus nutrition option and website enhancements.

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Challenge Blog Highlights

Rest - Why its so important to reaching your goals

Rest is needed to function properly and recover your muscles after hard training days. However, the most common mistake is to only allow your body to rest for 5 hours a night due to the fast lifestyle people often live. There are various reasons on why you need to get plenty of rest.

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