Cindy's Wants Revenge Winners

Week 4 Performance Prizes from Reebok.

The top performers in each division for each skill level for Cindy Wants Revenge have won this amazing prize from Reebok. Video submissions were required and the scores may have been adjusted based on video evidence. Congratulations!

Reebok Nano 7
from Reebok

Level 3 Winners
Carolyn Wilson
CrossFit Change
Womens | Masters | South
doug tolle
CrossFit 061
Mens | Masters + | Northeast
Jarka Giangiulio
CrossFit Parallax
Womens | Masters + | Northeast
CrossFit Hoka Hey
Mens | Open | West
Rachel Dunn
CrossFit Hoka Hey
Womens | Open | West
Wade Roth
T2 CrossFit
Mens | Masters | Northeast

Level 2 Winners
Lisa Antenucci
CrossFit Lifeforce
Womens | Masters + | Northeast
Martin Muadi
Deathproof CrossFit
Mens | Open | Northeast
Rhonda Marincus
Rogue Valley CrossFit
Womens | Masters | West
Shelley Guest
Wildfire Fitness
Womens | Open | West
Tom Goodman
Muskegon CrossFit
Mens | Masters + | West
Tom Roehlig
CrossFit Massillon
Mens | Masters | Northeast

Level 1 Winners
Audra Mcnear
Deathproof CrossFit
Womens | Open | Northeast
Gio Murru
Crossfit Santa Ynez Valley
Mens | Masters | West
Jean Baidet
CrossFit Key Largo
Mens | Masters + | South
Joanna Tunnicliffe
T2 CrossFit
Womens | Masters + | Northeast
Scott Fellows
Deathproof CrossFit
Mens | Open | Northeast
Teresa Ashley
T2 CrossFit
Womens | Masters | Northeast

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