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Week 4 - Diet Focus Raffle Winners

For every week of The Challenge, athletes who earn at least 168 diet points (Average of Pro Level) will be entered into a raffle. A select number of athletes will be chosen at random each of those weeks. This weeks raffle is brought to you by Qalo.

10 Surprising Ways To Put More Fiber In Your Diet.

Fiber is a carbohydrate found in plant foods that is essential in ensuring balanced nutrition and digestive efficiency. Increasing fiber intake can have an impact on fitness and overall health, so it is well worth the effort to incorporate high-fiber foods, including fruits, vegetables, seed, and select grains in your diet.

The Best and Worst Rated Summertime Foods

There’s a barrage of information about which foods are the healthiest and which foods we should be avoiding for one reason or another. For the Summertime Challenge, it’s important to understand something about the nature of food and how it’s affected by seasons. Here are our top 5 healthiest seasonal foods and the top 5 summer foods to avoid.

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