Living Healthy

Week 1 Focus: Flexibility

Improving one's flexibility goes hand in hand with improved strength, performance and speed. When a muscle is stretched and lengthened, it is better able to achieve a full range of motion, which can also prevent serious injuries. Along with a balanced diet and regular physical exercise, flexibility can aid in healthy weight loss over time.

7 Tips to Improve Mental Toughness for Challenge Competitors

During the Challenge, as you may have started to experience, is designed to push you and stretch you beyond your comfort zone. It is all part of the process of creating real and sustainable transformation. With so much emphasis on performance and diet, we may be tempted to forget about our number one resource. Your mind. This is one of our favorite summaries by our friend and former Navy Seal, Brad McLeod.


Have you ever suffered from fatigue? You aren't alone, and there are some things in your power to recharge your batteries and experience a higher quality of life. Join the Summertime Challenge and read this post to see how you can start living better today.

Why The Summertime Challenge Will Change Your Life?

We often forget that we need help. We need a team around us and people to support us if we are ever going to achieve something great. When it comes to our own health, the need for support, structure, and accountability is even more paramount. Learn how the Summertime Challenge is built to equip and empower you to reaching your goals.

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