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Rest - Why its so important to reaching your goals

Rest is needed to function properly and recover your muscles after hard training days. However, the most common mistake is to only allow your body to rest for 5 hours a night due to the fast lifestyle people often live. There are various reasons on why you need to get plenty of rest.

Pre-Challenge Contest 2 - Summer Sweat

It's time to get warmed up for the Summertime Challenge. We aren't just talking about warming up for a workout. We are warming up our prize machine as we get into the second of our pre-Challenge contests and one of many chances to claim your share of the more than $30,000 in prizes during the Summertime Challenge.
I would do this challenge every summer!!! It was fun yet challenging!! I love how easy everything was to follow and the best part is being a part of something BIG.Kasey Faison | CrossFit 4042, NC

Early Bird Discount Ends Tomorrow Night

Big Savings from Our Partners

Our sponsors know how hard you work and they want to help you be prepared with the gear, products, and supplies you need to reach your health and fitness goals. Enjoy these special offers that are only available to Challenge athletes.
Within days of turning 40, I am happily at the smallest weight I have been at in a decade. My greatest victory in this challenge has been sticking to the diet with pretty close fidelity; keeping a clean diet has always been a challenge for me, and with this experience, I demonstrated to myself the difference eating well can do for my body. I would absolutely recommend someone give this a try.Chad Copeland | CrossFit Hyattsville, MD

No Whole Wheat?

When you first looked at the ELITE diet guidelines for the Challenge what was your reaction to "no sugar, no dairy, and no WHEAT"? Eating bread, cereal, pizza, hamburger buns, and pasta is like a right of passage in America, so what is this anti-wheat business all about even at the PRO level?

Affiliate WOD Prieview Available

On behalf of the Challenge Team and Neal Maddox, we are proud to release the WOD programming preview for affiliate owners. We know it's important to get your programming lined up well in advance, so we trust you'll find the preview helpful.

Road Map Vs. a Tightwire

When making changes to your diet it is important to follow a nutritional program that is built to set you up for success. While there are many opinions out there, the Lurong Living Challenge series balances freedom, choices, and restrictions like no other program is able. Learn why we developed the Challenge like a road map as opposed to the tightwire.

See the Personal Side of the Challenge Series

While the Challenge is competitive and people do see amazing results in their weight loss, measurements, and performance numbers, there is something more to the Challenge. Something we are connect to. See a glimpse into the CrossFit Sun community and see how your life, your goals, and your community will be supported like nothing you've every experienced.

Athlete Registration Is Open

Challenge Togetherness

Even with all the connections we to others with the internet, social media, and cell phones, there still remains a "lone-wolf" mentality in our culture. We tend to keep people just close enough without allowing them to be a "part" of our lives. The 2017 Lurong Living Summertime Challenge breaks down barriers and further unifies the community at your box. It also harnesses the power of working as a team. So if you have thought for a moment about doing this Challenge by yourself, it is time to change your mindset and rally your affiliate.
Hard to believe it's the end of another Challenge. It is true when they say time flies when you're having fun! Lurong Living Challenges and CrossFit Arenal have truly changed my life! I will be 51 this year and I am in the best shape of my life! I am doing things that I never thought possible like racing in my first triathlon. Thank you for being the absolute best support on my amazing journey! It has been an overwhelming incredible adventure! Sheri Gelvar | CrossFit Arenal, MD

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Team Registration Is Open

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The Best and Worst Rated Summertime Foods

There’s a barrage of information about which foods are the healthiest and which foods we should be avoiding for one reason or another. For the Summertime Challenge, it’s important to understand something about the nature of food and how it’s affected by seasons. Here are our top 5 healthiest seasonal foods and the top 5 summer foods to avoid.

Why The Summertime Challenge Will Change Your Life?

We often forget that we need help. We need a team around us and people to support us if we are ever going to achieve something great. When it comes to our own health, the need for support, structure, and accountability is even more paramount. Learn how the Summertime Challenge is built to equip and empower you to reaching your goals.

Anna Tunnicliffe | Olympic Gold Medalist & CrossFit Games Athlete

As an affiliate owner and an athlete, I recommend the Summertime Challenge to anyone interested in improving their health and fitness or losing weight.

Nutrition is always the foundation for health and athletic performance. The Summertime Challenge is my preferred program in helping my athletes reach their weight loss, lifestyle, and performance goals. The Challenge fosters true life-transformation through creating a fun and rewarding environment where people are equipped to put healthy principles into daily practice. Daily practice with your diet and fitness builds habits that last a lifetime.

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