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Affiliate Team Winners

Congratulations to all the amazing teams that competed! Here are your 2018 Lurong Living Summertime Challenge 1st through 3rd place podium finishers for both the Large and Small Team divisions.

Survey Time - How'd We Do?

We strive to make every Challenge better than the last, but we need your feedback to make that possible. Please give us a few short minutes and let your voice be heard.

The Summertime Challenge Ends Tonight

The Summertime Challenge Ends Tonight


Have you ever suffered from fatigue? You aren't alone, and there are some things in your power to recharge your batteries and experience a higher quality of life. Learn how you can start living better today.

Lots to Remember Again!

Opening Today: Submissions for your Written and Video Reflections, Ending Weight and Measurements, and your Summertime Complex Benchmark Retest Scores

Due Today: Your submission for the Power Ball WOD

Week 5: What to Expect & Lifestyle Focus

You're now entering the final stretch of the Challenge. The momentum and confidence you've gained may push you to meet your goals by the end of the Challenge. This week's focus is to help you get the sleep you need to finish strong.

Challenge Quote 4

The more colorful the food, the better. I try to add color to my diet, which means vegetables and fruits. Misty May-Treanor | Three-Time Olympic Gold Medalist and Retired Professional Volleyball Player

Summer Produce By Region

Summer ushers in the season of longer days, outdoor activities, and plentiful produce, but not every region has the same fruits and vegetables available during the summer months. See which fruits and vegetables are local to you.

About the Challenge

The Lurong Living Summertime Challenge combines nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and accountability in a fun and engaging nationwide competition. It is built for those who want to take back control of their lives while improving diet, performance, and confidence.

Why Join the Challenge

The Summertime Challenge creates an interactive community experience which equips you and creates lasting transformation. Get fit, have fun, and unlock your true potential!

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How the Challenge Works

Check out why you've never experienced a Challenge like this. Learn how our proven platform and nutrition options will empower you to reach your goals.

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New Enhancements

Every Challenge gets better and better. See what's new for the Summertime Challenge, including our new Macro Focus nutrition option and website enhancements.

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