Summer Heat Leaders

Level 3

Aaron ONeil
CrossFit 405
Mens | Masters | South
Andrea Korn
Carousel CrossFit
Womens | Masters | Northeast
Bob Simmons
FFS CrossFit
Mens | Masters + | West
Holly O'neil
CrossFit 405
Womens | Open | South
Jose Ortiz
CrossFit Discernment
Mens | Open | South
Lisa Wilson
Carousel CrossFit
Womens | Masters + | Northeast

Level 2

James Oswald
CrossFit Fidelity
Mens | Masters + | Northeast
Jason Maddox

Mens | Masters | Northeast
Jeana Exhols
CrossFit Cortez
Womens | Masters | West
Kristen Campbell
CrossFit 405
Womens | Open | South
Lecester Johnson
CrossFit Hyattsville
Womens | Masters + | South
Martin Muadi

Mens | Open | Northeast

Level 1

Finian Hardy

Mens | Open | West
Francis Soda
Carousel CrossFit
Mens | Masters + | Northeast
Kayce Hazel
CrossFit Driven
Womens | Masters | South
Ryan Novak
CrossFit Downtown Atlanta
Mens | Masters | South
Taylor Wetherald
Deathproof CrossFit
Womens | Open | Northeast
Tonja Cale
CrossFit Brown 'n Gold
Womens | Masters + | West

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