Getting Started

Congratulations, you are about to embark on an experience in your diet, fitness, and lifestyle that you won't soon forget! You may be asking yourself, "What do I do next?" You might even be a little nervous. Don't worry. Our proven system will keep you on track every step of the way. The number one piece of advice we can give you is to login regularly. Do that and everything else will fall into place.

Enjoy the tutorial video.

*NOTE: Video Reflection has been removed as part of the requirements for the 2019 Summertime Challenge.


To keep things simple, every requirement or task you need to complete will show up on the top of the website when you are logged in. Once you complete the requirement, it will disappear. It is that simple. Requirements are also listed in the Challenge Calendar.

Diet and Meal Plan

Be sure to download the meal plan by clicking on the link found in the "Resources and Tools" section on the right-hand side of the page. You must be logged in to have access to these resources.

Starting May 13th, 2019, athletes are responsible for tracking their diet compliance. You can access your diet submission forms (starting at 5 PM on May 13th, 2019) by either clicking on the "Enter Results" tab on the top navigation bar. For each day, you will be recording which diet level you achieved for each of 6 time periods during the day. Make sure you are familiar with the official diet rules. You have more than 6 full days to enter your diet, but we recommend not letting multiple days pile up. Regular logging in is one of the keys to keeping your mind and body focused and disciplined during the Challenge. When submitting multiple days during the same login session, you will clearly see on the submission form that each day will be entered separately, and you will click submit for each day individually. Feel free to print out either or Classic diet or Macro Focus diet summary charts below and keep it on your fridge at home or at your workplace.

Classic Diet Food Summary Chart

Macro Focus Diet Food Summary Chart

Select Your Diet Path & Your Body Composition Goals.

Now that you’ve registered for the Challenge, you can now select your body composition goals and which diet path you want to use to get there. For you have two options, our Classic Diet and our Macro Focus Diet paths. Make sure to read and watch all the content before make a decision. We want all athletes selecting the path that will accommodate their lifestyle and personality best. Once you’ve decided, click the “Enter Results” button at the top of screen. Then select “Diet” on the drop down menu. You’ll then be able to enter your choice.

If you have chosen the Macro Focus Diet, you’ll have to enter your proteins, fats, and carbohydrates for your workout days and rest days. If you work with a nutritionist, trainer, or a have another source in determining those numbers, go ahead and enter them for the Challenge. If not, then we suggest using our Macro Calculator.

Likewise, to select your weight change goal and measurement change goal, Measurement and Weight Submission buttons and simply follow the instructions to save your selections.

Body Measurements

The submission form opens on Saturday before the Challenge starts to give everyone more time to get their measurements completed. It's the perfect opportunity to have your team get together to have measurements taken at the same time. There are seven areas of body measurements. Remember to measure both arms and both legs. You will then submit your body measurements in the form under the "Enter Results" tab at the top of the page. The submission deadline is clearly noted in the submission form as well as the Challenge calendar.

Please review the body measurement rules:

During the Challenge, a participant will take a series of seven areas of body measurements. These measurements will be taken both at the beginning and end of the Challenge. All body measurements are to be taken in inches to the nearest 1/16th of an inch and must be recorded on the Challenge platform. The seven areas of body measurements are:

Waist: Place the measuring tape about 1 cm above your belly button (at the narrowest part of your waist) to measure around your body. Exhale and measure before you inhale.

Hips: Place the measuring tape across the widest part of your hips/buttocks and measure all the way around while keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

Chest: Place the measuring tape just under your breasts/pecs and measure around the torso while keeping the tape parallel to the floor.

Right and Left Legs (Thighs): Measure around the largest part of both thighs and record each measurement separately in the submission form.

Right and Left Arms: Measure around the largest part of each arm (biceps), above the elbow. Measure the same portion of the arm every time.

  • Have your trainer or person taking your measurements review these standards carefully before taking the measurements.
  • When taking measurements, stand tall with your muscles relaxed and your feet together.
  • When measuring, apply constant pressure to the tape (so it doesn't sag) without pinching the skin.
  • Use a flexible measuring tape, such as plastic or cloth. If you don't have a flexible measuring tape use a string, mark the length and measure it with a standard measuring tape.
  • Measure under the same conditions each time, such as wearing the same clothes, same time of day, same time of the week, or if you are measured before or after a workout, etc.
  • The place to take some of these measurements will vary slightly from person to person. To ensure accuracy, just remember to take them at the same location on your body each time.
  • Use the same tape measure/string and have the same person take your measurements at the beginning and the end of the Challenge.
Printable Team Measurements and Weight Tracking Form
Initial Weigh-In

You will be weighing in now and at the end of the Challenge. This gives athletes an ever better chance at earning improvement points and better quantifying improvements. Don't focus on your weight during the Challenge, as weight can be deceiving over the short-term. The submission form also opens on May 12th.

Setting Goals

You will earn points for setting and tracking up to 5 goals. You can set as many goals as you would like, but you must set at least 5 before the submission deadline to be eligible for the 100 potential bonus points (20 per goal). You don't have to achieve your goals to earn points. You simply have to set them and track your progress. So set your goals appropriately: clear, attainable, and challenging.

Weekly Lifestyle Focus Questions

Starting May 13th, 2019, you will also begin working toward achieving your first weekly focus question set. You will be submitting your results once per week, but to earn the points you will need to stay focused all week long.

These questions will be different each week, so be sure to read the blog post announcement each Monday, which will provide all the details you need.

Baseline Workout

In week 1, you are going to perform 1 standardized workout at one of 3 set skill levels. The official announcement for the workout will come via the Blog (must be registered to view) on Sunday night at 5 PM ET before the Challenge officially begins on Monday. You can perform it at whatever level is most appropriate for your skill level, experience, or current physical condition. Each workout has 3 skill levels with standards for each. If you submit a score and then redo the workout and end up with a better score, you can contact the Challenge Team with your updated score. Keep an eye on the calendar and the "Items to Submit" section to stay on top of each week's requirements.

Video Submissions

While videos submissions are optional for your workouts, we encourage you to submit them. As a community, it can be very encouraging and inspiring to see other participants' videos. Maybe we feel better just knowing other people are struggling too. Completing the workout at Level 1 and think nobody wants to see it? Think again. Challenge athletes love to be inspired by others "just like them".


Every feature you will enjoy in the Summertime Challenge is created and tailored to create a rich, engaging experience that helps you actively practice everything you learn. Each week brings a new focus and workout challenge, keeping your mind and body fresh and alert.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Benchmark WOD Test WOD 2 WOD 3 WOD 4 Benchmark WOD Retest
Select Body Composition Goals (Measurements & Weight) and Enter Initial Results Final Body Measurements & Weight
Select Diet Path (Classic or Macro Focus) Recipe Challenge
Set Goals Track Goals
Lifestyle Focus Lifestyle Focus Lifestyle Focus Lifestyle Focus Lifestyle Focus
Diet Tracking
Educational Blog | Resources | Community Forum
Private Facebook Group
Written Reflection
Optional Progress Photos Upload


The following are optional components to the Challenge. You won't get points for the following, but we recommend utilizing these resources to enrich your Challenge experience. These tools have been developed to help you reach your goals and to enjoy your transformation.

Nutrition U

Located in the top navigation bar under "Articles and Tips," you will find our core materials designed to help you have success during the Challenge and beyond. We know you are busy, but don't miss out on this collection of articles. Be sure to stay up-to-date with the entire Nutrition U Series.

Personal Journal

From the moment you register, you will have access to your personal journal where you can track your successes, failures, frustrations, emotions, and personal status. Then, as you progress through the Challenge, you will be able to look back to see where you were at and how you have grown. A personal reflection is a valuable tool when taking on new challenges or making significant changes in your life.

Tracking Weight and Body Fat

You can now track your weight by clicking on "Articles" and then "My Journal". You can enter your weight or body fat as many times as you would like and the charts will show your progress over time.

Challenge Blog

The Challenge Blog is your hub for announcements, updates, reminders, tips, resources, special offers from sponsors, and educational materials. Continue to check in daily to see what new information is available. We provide everything you need to get started and keep you on track. From articles like "How to Shop Healthy" to "How to Transition to Life After the Challenge" to "How to Improve Your Performance", you will be learning, practicing, and living out your new healthy lifestyle.

Food Search, Diet Paths & Diet Levels

New to eating healthy? Not sure what is acceptable under each diet level or via each diet path?

You have two diet path options, so if you haven't yet explored which path is right for you, please check out our Classic Diet and our Macro Focus Diet summary pages.

In addition, check out our 3 Diet Levels and our interactive Food Search, and look up your food or ingredient. Don't see the item listed? Use the Contact Form and we will answer your questions according to the Rules and add that food to the database. Remember, your question is probably someone else's question too, so ask away.

Calorie & Macro Calculator

Our updated calculator customizes your calorie and macro targets for both rest & workout days. While this powerful tool is not required to follow or to see amazing results with the Classic diet path. For our Macro Focus athletes, this is a great tool to set your targets for the challenge. You can set your own targets based on previous experience with macros or based on a nutrition coach's recommendations as well.

We encourage Classic diet athletes to play around with the Calorie & Macro Calculator. Learning the range of calories you need or don't need in order to reach your goal can be an enlightening discovery. It doesn't take too much extra effort to see if you are close to your recommended ranges.

For our athletes who are looking to fine-tune their diet for performance or body composition changes, understanding and following your macronutrient recommendations can be game changer.

However you want to approach your whole food based diet, we've got a path and a tool for you. Enjoy the journey!


We will continue adding recipes to the current list throughout the Challenge, so you won't have to worry about running out of ideas. You can also use the Community Forum to share recipes and ideas with other Challenge athletes. Submit a good one and it just might be featured on our Recipe Page.

Community Forum

There is strength in numbers and in the realization that others are struggling and working through the same challenges that you are. Not only do you have the support of your affiliate and gym members, but you also have the entire Challenge community at your fingertips. The forum is a place to gain knowledge, to be encouraged, to be someone else's encouragement, and to enrich your Challenge experience.

Personal Profile

Within your personal profile you can see how you are doing, how many points you have earned, how clean your diet has been, etc. One of the fantastic features in your profile is that you can upload progress photos of yourself as many times as you would like throughout the Challenge. These photos are only visible to you and are a great tool to give you a visual of your progress. You can also personalize your profile with a slogan, photo, and background.


You can see diet trends for yourself and compare them to the entire community. Do you wonder if others struggle to eat clean during lunch? Check out the stats page. You will also be able to see how you are performing: within your division, overall, regionally, and within your team.

Custom Leaderboard. You can now search for your friends and add them to your custom list. See how you stack up to anyone or your group.

Our last recommendation is to take some time to review the rules. Many of your questions will be clearly answered in our official rules. You can also check out our Top Questions page for common questions and answers.

Team Leaders

Enjoy our top tips and tips and ideas that will help your preparation and maximize the impact of the Summertime Challenge with your community.

WOD Preview

Make sure you are Logged In and then click the WOD Preview link to get all the details. We just made the preview show the complete workout details, rep schemes and load requirements. This is really helpful to get set your programming well in advance.

Schedule Overview

Here is a basic layout of the entire challenge. Please check out the Calendar to see specific dates and deadlines.

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Benchmark WOD Test WOD 2 WOD 3 WOD 4 Benchmark WOD Retest
Select Body Composition Goals (Measurements & Weight) and Enter Initial Results Final Body Measurements & Weight
Select Diet Path (Classic or Macro Focus) Recipe Challenge
Set Goals Track Goals
Lifestyle Focus Lifestyle Focus Lifestyle Focus Lifestyle Focus Lifestyle Focus
Diet Tracking
Educational Blog | Resources | Community Forum
Private Facebook Group
Written Reflection
Optional Progress Photos Upload

Tips During the Challenge
  1. Program the Challenge WODs during regular class times - It works really well to program the workouts as your Monday WOD/Metcon and then offer a makeup day on Saturday. Next, be sure to go over OUR movement standards with your athletes so we don’t have to penalize no reps. Some of our movement standards might have variations from what you normally enforce at your box.
  2. Set up times to do measurements and weigh ins at the beginning and end of the Challenge – This can either be scheduled time at the beginning or end of class or you can make an event out of it on the Saturday before the Challenge starts. And use the printable tracking sheet to record the results to make validation a snap. Remember that the athlete is responsible to entering in their own results, but since double check their numbers before and after they've entered. There's no validation this challenge.
  3. Highs & Lows - During classes when warming up or around the white board, have people talk about their experiences with the Challenge. Do this at least once per week if not daily. Have people share their biggest or even a small success and/or failures. Vulnerability and transparency is just as powerful and motivating as success stories. When people see that others are going through the same struggles is helps foster community support and a sense that they can do it. This also give the coaches a great opportunity to say, “Hey, did you all read that great email and blog article about detox this week? Who’s feeling it?” It's a natural way to keep people on track, engaged, less likely to fall through the cracks, and to finish the Challenge stronger.
  4. Pot lucks & parties - For example, set a date (Friday or Saturday) during week 1 or 2 of the Challenge and have everyone sign up to bring one of their favorite “Challenge Approved” dishes, sides, snacks, or desserts. This not only builds community and is fun, but it helps other people see and try more new recipes which they can in turn incorporate into their meals. We'd also recommend saving a little time to have people share Highs & Lows, why they are doing the Challenge, or to simply have fun together. Your imagination is your only limitation. Another example is to schedule a post-challenge celebration, again with healthy food options but maybe you also bring some treats. You can even turn the pot luck into a cooking competition with awards going to best dish in each category.
  5. Use the Team Leader resources
    • No Validation – For the Summertime Challenge there are no prizes, so we've removed the validation process. But we do encourage you to double check your athletes results before and after they enter them into the system.
    • Team Roster/Stats & Email Feature – You can see how people are doing with total points to see if people are entering and if they are struggling with their diet. You can use this info to have individual conversations to help keep individuals on track. You can even send direct email messages to athletes or email the whole team at the same time.
    • Team Report – You can also see a super cool summary report with team rankings, trends, and starts at any time during the Challenge.
  6. Encourage athletes to READ - The site is full on amazing info and instructions. The best advice you can give is to read, search the site, use the food search, and help teach your athletes to equip themselves. This not only will lessen your workload but it will actually help them see better results and make more lasting changes.
  7. Invite a friend - Have athletes invite a family member, co-worker, or friend who has previously been skeptical or reluctant to try CrossFit to join the Challenge and at least come to the gym once per week to do the Challenge workout. This will allow them to see that they fit right in, that everyone isn’t already ripped like what they see on TV at the Games, and they will experience the special community that you have. It will also bring in plenty of new business.

This Challenge is Over/Closed

At this time, you may login to this challenge site in order to review your past results or review the archived articles. If you are trying to login or register for a current challenge please click here.

If you have any questions about your previous challenge login credentials or about any of our challenges please feel free to contact us at